Alternative to Suspension Programs 

  • The Guilford County Schools' Health Services and Nursing Department offers alternative to suspension programs to students that violate the GCS Student Code of Conduct rules related to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, providing consequences to rule violations that include early intervention. 

    Tobacco Education Program
    The Tobacco Education Program is provided for students who violate Student Code of Conduct-Rule 5. Classes are held at the student's home school, usually at the end of the instructional day. Students are provided with information on many aspects of tobacco use (including E-cigarettes). They are encouraged to make healthier decisions while learning about the negative consequences of smoking, chewing and vaping tobacco products. For more information contact Kimberly Fields at (336) 621-4044 ext.1 (office) or 

    ASAP (Adolescent Substance Abuse Program)
    The middle school ASAP program (Rule 24) is provided to students with the skills necessary for academic success, maximizing their individual potential, and returning to traditional programs as responsible members/citizens of the school community. ASAP serves students in grades 5-8 who have a short term suspension (3-10) days for violating the alcohol and drug policy. Parents must provide transportation to and from the site. Lunch will be provided for student. The program hours are from 9:30am - 4:30 pm.

    For more information contact: 
    Program Administrator: Yvetta Grier, Director, Health Services & Nursing at (336)370-8325
    Greensboro Teacher-Joyce Williams at
    High Point Teacher - Netasha Clark at 

    Lifestyles Program
    The Lifestyle Program is provided for high school students who violate the Student Code of Conduct-Rule 24. Utilization of the Lifestyles Program allows administrators to reduce the number the number of days a student is suspended from school. This is a six hour substance abuse education and early intervention program for students and parents. Classes are held at two Guilford County locations in the evenings.

    The program is designed to educate students and their parent(s) regarding issues of alcohol and other drug abuse and about healthy family relationships. Because Lifestyles is an effective tool for early intervention, it is also a viable option for parents who are expressing concern about their student's possible involvement with alcohol and/or other drugs, even without a rule violation. For more information contact Kimberly Fields at (336) 621-4044 ext.1 or