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  • Welcome to Southwest Guilford Middle School and Ms. Forrest Health and Physical Education class. This class is a state-required course throughout middle school that benefits all students, regardless of their future goals and careers. The purpose of physical education as described in the National Standards by NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education), is to provide a quality program that helps students to develop a physically active lifestyle. We are committed to empowering all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. It is a whole-body approach (physical, mental, emotional and social) that meets the needs of individual students through a variety of experiences and activities. In addition to developing a healthy lifestyle and helping students to develop healthy habits, this class is crucial to preparing students to meet high school graduation requirements. So welcome to the journey of learning and personal growth as we work to provide a physical education and health experience that seeks to promote Fitness For Life!

    PERSONAL BIO: I am a nature girl and love the outdoors-kayaking, paddleboarding, camping, hiking-if it is outdoors I love it. I have one son, Andrew who is also a teacher. I also have a dog named Reya. She is a rescue Austrialian Shepherd mix. We go everywhere together and she loves the outdoors too. I also run and have been competing in a variety of virtual runs during the past year. I love sports and love my Tarheels (where I went to school). I also am a NY Mets baseball fan and being from the great state of Texas I love my Dallas Cowboys!!! I am a fan of Star Wars and Stranger Things and collect/sell sports cards. I also love to volunteer and do a lot of missions projects both locally and across the US-especially with disaster relief. 







Standards Overview



    • Motor Skill Development
    • Movement Concepts
    • Health-Related Fitness
    • Personal and Social Responsibility


    • Mental and Emotional Health
    • Personal and Consumer Health
    • Interpersonal Communications and Relationships (Family Life)
    • Nutrition and Physical Activity
    • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

    fitness group

Ms. Forrest and her dog Reya