•                                               College and Career Ready

    College & Career Ready Labs are completely focused on creating a career experience that helps students decide where their interests and aptitudes align within a career pathway. 100% based on the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in each pathway, these labs ensure students get much more than career exploration; they develop behaviors daily that ultimately prepare them for post-secondary success. 

    The Exploring Careers lab is a modular learning environment that enables students to select the curriculum that matches their interests. Most instruction is delivered on the computer, which means students can progress at their own pace. Each unit contains: videos, internet activities, essay assignments, electronic quizzes, journal responses and hands on projects. During the course, each student may select or have assigned modules they shall complete. 


    Module Choices

     Introduction To Computer Science

     Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

     Digital Music

     Electricity & Electronics

     Computer Graphics & Animation


     Personal Finance

     Virtual Architecture

     Introduction to Engineering & Design


    Materials you will NEED 

    • FLASH DRIVE: This is mandatory to save all work
    • A pen or pencil
    • Spiral Notebook for portfolio entries and bell ringers
    • An additional notebook for note taking
    • Box of Tissues 
    • Pair of ear bugs

    Grading Percentages

               Tests and Quizzes                                            45 %

               Projects and Portfolios                                      40 %

               Class Work (Bell Ringer and review activities)     15%