• Faith Partners

    What is a Faith Partnership?
    A faith partnership forms when a faith-based organization and a school come to a mutual decision on how they can work together for the benefit of students. When these partnerships begin, great things can happen. GCS Faith Partners are packing backpacks of food, organizing school supply drives and providing after-school and weekend structure for students. Members are becoming reading and lunch buddies, helping with homework, providing classroom assistance and adopting schools.


    The following points are adopted from “Public Schools and Religious Communities: A First Amendment Guide,” published by the American Jewish Congress, Christian Legal Society and the First Amendment Center. Click here for more information.

    • All partnerships and partnership activities must remain secular.
      • School volunteers should be reminded that all conversation with students should remain secular.
      • Do not pray with students or encourage prayer.
      • Do not preach about faith while participating in a partnership activity.
      • Do not prohibit a student from speaking about religion.
    • Participation in programs is not limited to religious groups. Schools must be open to participation by all responsible community groups.
    • A student’s grades, class ranking or participation in school programs cannot be affected by the student’s willingness or unwillingness to participate in faith-based partnership activities.
    • A student’s religious beliefs will not prohibit that student from being part of a faith-based partnership activity.
    • Partnership activities conducted at a faith-based facility may be done so in rooms with religious icons or symbols. However, rooms cannot display any proselytizing materials.
    • Space leased by a school from a faith-based organization and used for instructional purposes must be free of religious symbols.
    • Faith/school partnerships should be detailed in writing.