• Students have various behavior items that promote positive interactions throughout the day. 

    *Participation in virtual/live lessons will be noted.

    *Students should show respect through the norms of the meetings:


                  Mute when not speaking.  

                  Speak positively to others.

                  When others need support, find ways to help.

                  Participate and offer ideas.

                  Respectfully defend your answers/ideas.

                  Celebrate teamwork.

                  Offer visual clues to the teacher.

                  Always do your best! 


    *In-person learning:

                   Respect the speaker.

                   Speak positively to others.

                   Celebrate, value, and respect differing ideas/thoughts.

                   Maintain personal or social distancing space.

                   Keep your area organized and clean.

                   When others need support find ways to help.

                   Celebrate teamwork.

                   Always do your best! 


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