• Welcome! My name is Rita Tisdale and I am one of the Culinary Teachers/Chef Instructors for Culinary Arts & Hospitality I & II.  I have 20+ years of teaching experience with Guilford County & 20+ years of experience working in the industry & other teaching professions. I am passionate about what I do & truly enjoy working with youth of all ages.

    Chef Tisdale's Classes:


    Culinary Arts & Hospitality I        Course Number: FH10Course Description:   

    In this course, basic safety and sanitation practices leading to a national industry-recognized food safety credential are introduced. Students learn about professional practices, basic food preparation, basic garde manager, baking, and overall good service operations.            Course Credit:  1 unit          Corequisite:  Culinary Arts & Hospitality II

    Culinary Arts and Hospitality II         Course Number: FH11Course Description:

    This course is the accompanying commercial kitchen laboratory for Culinary I. Students will learn, practice, and apply all the knowledge components learned in Culinary I, focusing on commercial equipment, Culinary math, knife skills, baking, garde manger, and basic foodservice operations.  Arts, mathematics, and science are reinforced throughout this course.                     Course Credit: 1 unit             Prerequisite: Culinary Arts and Hospitality I

Chef Tisdale