• Hello Vikings. In my P.E. class we will only have 2 rules.

    1. Go after I say "Go", Stop when I say "Freeze"

    2. Do the Right Thing

        *This includes no fighting, no bullying. But I spend more time on the positive behavior of our students, such as building their classmates up, being partners with someone who has been left out, being nice, disagreeing in a friendly manner. There are so many other things that it would take some time to list them all.

    In my class, I want everyone to work together as 1 Viking team. WE will work hard to get the results that we want for our kids to help them become great citizens.

    Consequences are things that happen, but I rarely have to deal with them because we stay so busy.

    1. Warning

    2. Brief Timeout

    3. Message or Phone Call Home

    4. Principal's Office