• New and Returning 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students will demonstrate specific skills required to join the ukulele club. For more information, Click the link below.

    Ukulele Club Auditions

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  • Ukulele Club Auditions include the following three skills tests.

    1. Skills Test Pentatonic Scale 

    Skills Test Pentatonic

    2. Skills Test Baby Progression

    Skills Test Baby Progression

    3. Skills Test Wagon Wheel Progression

    Skills Test Wagon Wheel Progression

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  • Ukulele

    What I recommend . . .
    Ukulele at Home
    Parents, If you are interested in purchasing  a ukulele for your child, below are my recommendations. I have no financial interest in Empire Music. I have owned two of these instruments for three years, and have had no problems.
    In order of importance:
    1. One soprano (smallest ukulele), or one concert (medium-sized), or one tenor (largest size) with Machine Machine Heads (not tuning pegs). 
    The tuning should be Low G, C, E, A.  **Under Ukulele Tuning Options, “Please Select” pull-down menu, choose “GCEA (low G)  tuning.” This is the tuning used at school.
    2. A Clip-on tuner. Any clip-on guitar tuner will work.
    3. Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1 C6 Tuning - Student Ed. 
    4. CD – Ukulele in the Classroom for Book 1 - C6 Tuning. 
    Empire Music 
    Package #1
    James Hill Ukulele Package
    Same EMUS ukulele as in package #2, but includes a padded case and "Booster Uke" book with CD by James Hill
    $69.98 + shipping
    Package #2
    Look at the Emus Soprano Ukulele Package $47.98, which includes:
    1 soprano (10 color choices), 1 case (thin plastic fabric -matches color of instrument), and 1 clip-on tuner
    Shipping = $5.00
    At a store
    If you go to a music store in the area, please look for a Makala. A Mahalo uke would be OK. Makala or Mahalo would be fine, but you cannot get them with the Low G tuning that I use at school. It would still sound fine, and chord fingerings would be the same. Just know that your child will say, "But it doesn't sound just like the ukuleles at school." A few students have high G on their ukes. I don't think it bothers them much.
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