•  Class Rules:

    1) Listen and follow all directions.

    2) Raise your hand to ask or answer questions.

    3) Do your best on all assignments.

    4) Respect others and their property.

    *All school rules should always be followed.*


    Consequences for Misbehavior:

    1) Verbal Warning

    2) Silent Lunch/Loss of Privileges

    3) Note Home/Call Parent/Parent Conference

    4) Referral to Office


    Other Important Information 

    *Students are expected to bring all necessary materials (including pencils, paper, crayons, glue sticks, binders, reading logs, etc...) to class everyday.


    *An organized binder is a MUST for school success.  Please help your child organize their binders periodically.


    *WE SEND HOME A WEEKLY NEWSLETTER EVERY MONDAY!! Ask your child for this newsletter because it contains: homework assignments, field trip information, school activities, and testing dates.


    *Homework: Your child will have homework each week. Most all written homework is due on Fridays unless we indicate a different due date.

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