Northeast High Senior pick-up & drop-off.    


    Northeast High pick up & drop off.  Pick up:  caps and gowns, yearbooks, honor cords, senior gift.  Drop off:  books, computers, uniforms, fees.  

    The schedule will run by last name:  

    A-D:  May 26

    E-J:  May 27

    K-P:  May 28

    R-Z:  May 29

    Time:  3 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day.  Enter through the student parking lot.  Yearbooks are $65 and fewer than 20 remain!


    Mike Harrison

    Counselor, Students K-P


     With Kate, January 2020

    Your counselor with his super-cute daughter!







    A Virtual FAFSA Pep Rally is coming May 20 from 3 to 4 p.m.  Join us on Zoom!


    All students should continue to log on to each class and complete assignments daily. If you need a device, please contact the school! For each course your student is enrolled in for second semester they will not receive a letter grade, they will receive a PASS or a WITHDRAWAL. In order to receive a PASS, students must complete online assignments and engage in learning on Canvas.

    For seniors ONLY: We are currently reviewing each senior’s transcript and grades to determine whether each of them has met all requirements for graduation. This information should be available to you no later than April 29.

    Please encourage your student to continue to log on to each class daily and complete all assignments. 

    You will find more information in the letters on our website.

    For students taking Advanced Placement Courses, AP Exams will be taken online beginning May 11th and ending on May 22nd on Eastern Standard Time (please make sure students choose the correct time zone). A full list of exam dates and times is located on the College Board website, but please communicate with your teacher for additional information about your specific AP exam(s).

    • Students need to verify that they have the correct email address on file with College Board in order to receive log-in information to take their AP exams so please have your child log on to the College Board Website
    • There will be NO multiple-choice questions, only free-response questions to better reflect what students have learned in their courses through early March.
    • Tests will be 45-minutes long
    • Practice resources are available to students through the College Board in AP Classroom

    All AP exams will be taken through a secure online session.  If you need a laptop, please reach out to the school and request one for pick up.  If you have questions about a secure location to access Wi-Fi in order to take your exam, please reach out to the school.  As you prepare for AP exams next month, we encourage you to reach out to your teacher if you have specific questions about testing.  Formats for all AP exams can be found at: apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org

    We know that you may be concerned about AP exams, but please know that your teachers and the Northeast RAM community are here to support you.  We encourage all our students to take the online exam in May and do your very best.  

    Please remember if your student needs a device, we have one! Please come by Monday through Friday between 10 am until 11 am. It will take very little time to get a device

    Lunch continues to be served from 11 am until 12noon. Just pull up to the front loop of the school and let us know how many bags you need. It’s THAT EASY! We enjoy seeing your smiling faces! 

    Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram for up to dates notices and messages from our staff to you and your family. As we get more information about other important dates, we will let you know!

    And again, thank you for all you are doing, We appreciate your efforts and your concerns. Another shout out to our teachers who have completely changed their practice overnight. Please know that we are here to support you if you have any needs.


    GCS is delighted with the number of videos submitted by our district's seniors.  However, the deadline to submit videos has passed, and they are not accepting any more videos.  To date, 85 videos have been received!


    Please click here to see some great SEL supports for students.

    If you have tech issues with Canvas, call Technology Services at 336/370-8179.

    A message from NCCJ:  We know you are navigating new waves of uncertainty every week. Online learning, last days of high school happening without you knowing, events to celebrate milestones being canceled, not seeing your friends every day, the list can go on. We know this can all be difficult to manage.  NCCJ works to build communities free of bias, bigotry and racism by promoting understanding and respect among all cultures, races and religions. We have been working hard to offer ways to create compassionate communities in digital platforms.  This Thursday, April 16th from 4 pm-5 pm, we will have teacher and mentor, Tony Parra join us and walk us through a mindfulness session. This will be really helpful for us as we navigate through ways of taking care of our mental health during this crisis!  To join via zoom, click here on Thursday, April 16 at 4 pm: https://zoom.us/j/95219960497


    There was also a request on the Joint Information System call for the social media accounts that are sharing information from the county. Please share posts or the information contained in them as much as you would like:

    Guilford County Administration




    Guilford County Public Health



    Ready Guilford (Guilford County Emergency Management's Page)




    Guilford County EMS





    Canvas tip:  Students, email your teachers at the INBOX ICON on their canvas page.  REMEMBER: the default username is your lunch number and the default password is your 8 digit birthday (MMDDYYYY).  Directions can be found on our school website and the GCS Main Page.  If you cannot get logged on to NCEdCloud and you need your password reset, contact one of your four teachers to reset it. 

    Two faculty members from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine are providing answers to questions about COVID-19 specifically for high school students here.  There is an abundance of information on coronavirus (COVID-19) in the media, some by doctors.  Wake's faculty felt it was their responsibility as educators to provide a credible source geared to our shared audiences.  Dr. Lindsay Strowd and Dr. Roy Strowd, who also run our Summer and Online Immersion Programs for high school students, are featured in videos explaining the virus.  Students can click on individual questions, ranging from the value of social distancing to the use of vaccines and common risk factors.  This is free content, accessible to all. Please share this link with anyone who could be interested.


    During our closure, all courses at Northeast Guilford High will be offered on the online learning platform Canvas. Directions for Canvas are posted on the GCS website and the NEGHS website (https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/18244). The Canvas platform was launched on Monday, March 23rd.  You should now have access to all of your courses.  If you do not, email me at harrism3@gcsnc.com so I can get you connected with someone who can help you.

    If you have not requested a device and you need a device, please call the school between 10 am-2 pm, and we will do our best to get one for you.

    Laptops can be picked up between 8-10 a.m. or 4-6p.m.  Laptops not picked up by 6 pm on March 24th, will have to be provided to another student on our list (75 kids are waiting!). Please make every effort to get here between 8-10 a.m. or 4-6 p.m.! 


    Traevon Guinyard and Justin Wilson won the LLJ scholarship

    Traevon Guinyard and Justin Wilson (above) won the LLJ scholarship.  Traevon and Justin will take their new scholarship (and stellar GPAs) to WSSU, UNC Charlotte or GTCC (they’re still deciding!).


    The fabulous Amber Khan is the recipient of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Spartan  Scholarship!

    The fabulous Amber Khan is the recipient of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Spartan



    Our registration books are online as of February 13.  Here is the link: 2020 - 2021 Registration Book


    Now is the time to complete the FAFSA so you can access federal and state funding to cover higher education expenses. 

    The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that you need to do starting your senior year and continuing through every year you’re in college.  This form determines your eligibility for student financial aid.

    Nearly every student is eligible for some form of financial aid.

    It takes only about 30 minutes to complete.  Information you will need includes the social security numbers for both the student and one parent, 2018 tax information, driver’s license, and an FSA ID used to sign the FAFSA (both the student and one parent needs one).

    A FSA ID can be obtained at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm

    GCSTV is now airing a series of videos related to the FAFSA.  These videos include the following topics:

    • “Creating a Federal Student Aid ID”   (FSA ID)sosaabbyy@icloud.com
    • “FAFSA Overview”
    • “FAFSA Financial Aid Process”
    • “How To Fill Out FAFSA”
    • “FAFSA Mobile App”
    • “FAFSA – Types of Aid”

    These videos are available online at this link:  https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/resources

    Your state government offers grants (money that does not have to be paid back) as well as loan options and completing the FAFSA will ensure that your student will receive funding for which the family is eligible.  There are deadlines for grant awards, so don’t delay

    It takes only about 30 minutes to complete.  Information you will need includes social security numbers for both students and one parent, 2018 tax information (if filed, the tax information can be brought over from the IRS through the Data Retrieval Tool), driver’s license, and an FSA ID used to sign the FAFSA (both the student and one parent needs one).


    Seniors:  We need your scholarship letters as we are starting to add the money awarded/offered to this year's Senior class.

    We need the letters of everything you're offered, whether or not you plan to use the money or attend that college!

    You can bring us your original letters, and we'll make a copy while you're here, then give you back your original.

    Emails from scholarship committees and colleges awarding/offering you money are great, too.  Forward them to me at harrism3@gcsnc.com


    The Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC) is a tax credit used to offset the cost of tuition and related expenses. It can help eligible students pay for undergraduate, graduate and professional degree courses and courses taken to get or improve job skills. There is no limit on the number of years you can claim the credit. The credit is worth up to $2,000 per tax return. The LLC is a nonrefundable credit, which means it can only reduce a person's tax liability to zero and no part of the credit can be issued as a refund. There are income limitations for this tax credit.  Read more about this at https://www.benefits.gov/benefit/5939#Eligibility_Checker


    Unloading the bus, February 2020

    The National Guard Youth Challenge is an alternative program that offers youth, who have dropped out of school or are not progressing, the opportunity to change their future. Participants looking for a way to succeed outside of a traditional school setting learn self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility while working to obtain their high school diploma or equivalency.  The National Guard Youth Challenge Program, a preventive rather than remedial at-risk youth program, targets voluntary participants, 16 to 18 years of age, who have dropped out of school or are not satisfactorily progressing, are unemployed or underemployed, drug-free, and crime-free.  The National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a community-based program that leads, trains and mentors 16-18 year old so that they may become productive citizens in America’s future.  Read more about it at ngchallenge.org


    GTCC offers a program called Career and College Promise.  Career and College Promise offers North Carolina high school students the chance to earn college credits at GTCC.  The program is tuition-free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements.

    Students can earn:

    You can choose from an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science.  They also have more than 20 different Technical Pathway 9 options, including Fire Protection Technology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Medical Office Administration, Early Childhood Education, Aviation, Welding and many more.  Visit ccpi.gtcc.edu for eligibility requirements.

    The priority deadline for applications is March 24.

    Here's the link to the upcoming admissions meeting dates:  https://www.gtcc.edu/academics/high-school-programs/career-and-college-promise.php

    The admissions application is here:  https://www.gtcc.edu/_files/programs/gtcc_ccp_admission_application.pdf

    The whole application packet will also include a transcript, copy of test scores, consent to release form.  

    Linda Whitlow is the contact there.  She will work with the admitted students with course registration.

    Come see me if you have questions or want to apply!

    Red for Ed, February 2020


    Substance abuse, including alcohol and other drugs, is a complicated, difficult, and sometimes tragic circumstance with which to cope for families and individuals.  The good news is that resources exist.  The important thing is to start to reach out, make a call, send an email—anything—to start communicating and tear down the barrier of isolation that seems to exist in so many cases.  Students and parents are encouraged to consider the resources below and/or to contact Counseling Services here at school for additional support.

    Kimberly Fields, a Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator with GCS’ Student Support Services & Drug-Free Schools is a wealth of resources just by herself!  Her contact info is:

    • 336/621-4044, x1 (office)
    • 336/375-2564 (fax)
    • 336/482-8462 (cell)
    • Fieldsk2@gcsnc.com
    • gcsnc.com
    • Her office is at 2500 Lees Chapel Road, Greensboro, NC 27405 

    Sheretta Mitchell, Substance Abuse Service Director at Youth Focus:  336/542-0868

    Visit the Psychology Today website to find a private provider:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/north-carolina  (therapists with the LCAS credential are recommended).

    For more information, contact the Prevention Services Division of Alcohol & Drug Services:  336/333-6860 in Greensboro or 336/882-2125 in High Point.


    Stay on top of your classes.  As you well know, your GPA will continue to follow you all the way to the end of high school, and it has a great effect on the options you'll have after high school.  The next GPA calculation will be in January at the end of the first semester.  Come see me if you have any questions.

    This year, the counseling office is organized a bit differently.  We are now organized by alpha instead of grade level.

    • Ms. Zemaityte will be the counselor of all students with last names A-D.
    • Miss Leonard will have students E-J.
    • I have students K-P.
    • And Miss Allred has students R-Z.


    Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy is a quasi-military style program for at-risk teens 16-18 years of age and is sponsored by the North Carolina National Guard as part of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program with 40 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico.  The purpose of the program is to provide qualified North Carolina dropouts, potential dropouts, and expellees an opportunity to learn in a safe, structured environment so the cadet can become a successful individual not only immediately but in the future.  Read more about this school at Tarheel ChalleNGe AcademyVincent Smith is a recruiter assigned to us; he can be reached at 704/960-9325 and vincent.smith@ncdps.gov 


    GAP offers apprenticeships to juniors and seniors who are interested in the below industries. Students will have the opportunity for on-the-job training while earning a competitive salary ($9.00 per hr. - yr. 1). Additionally, students will earn college credits towards an associate’s degree at GTCC all paid for by their employer.

    • IT/Cyber Security 
    • Aviation Mechanics
    • Advanced Manufacturing 
    • Service Technicians (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) 

    Companies participating in GAP include: 

    • Berico
    • Brady
    • Bright Plastics
    • Culp
    • Central Carolina Air Conditioning
    • CGR
    • HYFAB
    • HAECO America
    • Endura
    • MSI
    • Proctor and Gamble, just to name a few

    This program is great and has provided awesome opportunities for our students.  Again, see Mrs. DeBerry in Room 109 to sign up.  You can also read more about GAP at gapnc.org


    Resources to Help Teens Quit Smoking and Vaping:

    Nine out of ten adult smokers started smoking before the age of 18.  At smokefreeteen there are many resources for teens who are thinking about quitting tobacco. Teens can access SmokefreeTXT, the quitSTART App, SmokefreeUS on Instagram, or even Speak to an Expert online. Like adults, the more often teens try to quit the more they increase their chances of being successful.  Each attempt at quitting helps the smoker learn what strategies work best for them. In addition, the younger and healthier a person is that stops smoking, the faster his/her body will heal from the damaging effects of tobacco.

    In the hall, Fall 2019

    Brad Bills is our recruiter for the U.S. Air Force!  He can be reached at (336) 288-6777.

    Sgt. Perry is our recruiter for the U.S. Marines.  He can be reached at 336/210-6904 and matthew.perry2@marines.usmc.mil

    Sgt. Shannon S. Pitchford is our United States Army recruiter.  Friendly and personable, she will be happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions about life in the Army.  She can be reached at 704/500-1551 or shannon.s.pitchford.mil@mail.mil   The US Army Recruiting Center is located at 2917 Battleground Ave., Suite E, Greensboro 27408.

    As of December 6, 2018, I also met SSG Terry L. Purnell of the Army, and he, too, is available to talk with anyone interested in a potential career in the Army.  He can be reached at 336/279-4467 and terry.l.purnell.mil@mail.mil

    SSG Julius Larry is a recruiting & retention specialist for the Army National Guard and can be reached at 336/596-4972 and julius.d.larry.mil@mail.mil

    Students who enlist in the Army or Army Reserve can be guaranteed admittance to certain colleges and universities.  To learn more, visit goarmy.com or call 800/USA-ARMY.

    The following info is presented as resources for folks fighting or living in a state of homelessness:

    • The Greensboro Housing Coalition helps people reach the ultimate goal of owning their home.  Their contact info can be found here:  http://www.greensborohousingcoalition.org/
    • Food can be obtained at Urban Ministries.  They’re located on Gate City Blvd., and they, too, have a website:  http://greensborourbanministry.org/
    • Mr. Cabiness, our social worker, can help directly with school supplies, and he’s available here on campus full-time.
    • Mr. Cabiness also told me he can help with clothing needs with a voucher for kids; he fills it out, and it can be sent to a Guilford County Schools Central office location.  Once there, it’s processed, and things are sent here for the student.

    SSG Julius D. Larry is a recruiter with the NC National Guard.  He can be reached at julius.d.larrymil@mail.mil and 336/596-4972.

    Extra help for college and scholarship applications is coming your way.  Here is an announcement from Ms. Foye:  Attention ALL Students!  Ask yourself these 3 questions:

    • Do you plan on going to college after you graduate?
    • Do you have questions about how to apply/ or what to do before you get to college?
    • Would you like information about college applications, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and more?

    If so, then our CAAP club is for you!!! Transportation will be provided.  See Ms. Foye for more details or questions.  

    Youthsafe is a welcoming and ongoing social networking group for LGBT youth in Guilford and surrounding counties.  Meetings are held every Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 210 E Bessemer Ave., Greensboro.  Learn more at www.youthsafegso.org; on Instagram at youthsafegso; on Facebook at youthsafe gso; or email youthsafegso@gmail.com


    The current minimum admissions requirements for UNC system can be found here:  https://www.northcarolina.edu/future-students/minimum-admission-requirements

     Ms. Taylor, AP teacher extraordinaire


    If you need help writing a student resume, check out this video I found:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZS_GqM-nHM 

    Students who intend to graduate a semester early need to be sure they fill out an early graduation application by the end of September.  This will allow us to register your graduation with the county office.

    Questions about Say Yes and the scholarship model may also be directed to Say Yes. Parents can call 336-814-2233 or email guilford@sayyestoeducation.org

    Students can register online for Driver's Ed beginning 21 days prior to the first day of class.  Registration closes out five days before each class starts.  The site to visit is http://ncdrivingschool.com/   After you have completed the paper/pencil part of the course, you should be contacted to do the driving part.  However, if you've waited a good long while and not been contacted, call the NC Driving School at 800/375-6550 and make sure you're not getting overlooked!


    Armel Tawokamkamden, USN is our Navy Recruiter here at Northeast.  She can be reached at 336/712-6065 and armel.tawokamkamdem@navy.mil and facebook.com/pettyofficerkamdem.  You can also contact Shauna Lambert at shauna.lambert@navy.mil or 336/430-1916!  If you have any questions about the military, the opportunities it offers, compensation, etc., feel free to ask.  The local Navy Recruiting Station is located at 2404 C. Merrill Drive, Greensboro. 


    Parent/Student Portal is a great device that gives parents and students access to grades, student attendance, detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins and even personal messages from the teacher.  Once parents have created their account, they will be able to manage their account information, link any and all students to the account (for whom they have parental or legal rights); set email and notification preferences for each student linked to the account.

    Visit Parent Portal to log in.  Info on how to create an account is also found on this link.  Keep in mind that the directions are a bit wordy and not as difficult as they might first appear.


    Has your student been suspended from school?  New Light At-Risk Intergenerational Outreach Program (NARIOP) is a program designed to benefit elementary, middle and high school students suspended from school for a period of 10 days or less.  Through the program, students receive counseling, encouragement, educational enrichment, and anger management and conflict resolution counseling.  Additionally, students are provided support through community agencies.  Academic support is provided that follows the Guilford County Schools curriculum, which helps students to remain on schedule with their studies.  The program's goal is to reduce the number of students who have recurring suspensions from school.  Students can be referred to NARIOP by their parent or school principal.  Students attend the program for the duration of their suspension.  For more information, call 273-9671 or visit http://www1.gcsnc.com/nariop/index.htm  NARIOP is a partnership of Guilford County Schools and New Light Missionary Baptist Church.


    To request a transcript, click here

    With Mrs. Davis

    Work permits can be submitted and approved online at www.nclabor.com   Scroll down a little and look for 'Apply for a Youth Employment Certificate.'  Read instructions, follow the prompts, and supply the requested information.  You must have the employer and job information, and there's no need to go to DSS.


    With Mrs. Fulton

    Diploma Endorsement info:

    Students in North Carolina public schools and public charter schools may earn one or more endorsements on their high school diploma. These endorsements indicate that students have completed specific course concentrations preparing them to be ready for careers and/or college.

    Students may earn more than one diploma endorsement. Students are not required to earn an endorsement in order to receive a diploma.

    Overview of Diploma Endorsements

    The five diploma endorsements available to NC public school graduates are:

    • Career Endorsement indicating completion of a rigorous course of study that includes a Career Technical Education concentration; Contact: Mary Elmer, Career and Technical Education
    • College Endorsement indicating readiness for entry into NC Community Colleges; Contact: Isaac Lake, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education
    • College/UNC Endorsement indicating readiness for entry into a four-year university in the University of North Carolina system; Contact: Isaac Lake, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education
    • NC Academic Scholars Endorsement indicating that students have completed a balanced and academically rigorous high school program preparing them for post-secondary education. Contact: Isaac Lake, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education
    • Global Languages Endorsement indicating proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English. Contact: Ann Marie Guther or Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson, K-12 Standards, Curriculum, & Instruction

    More info can be found here:  https://www.dpi.nc.gov/districts-schools/high-school-graduation-requirements/high-school-diploma-endorsements#career-endorsem








    Our new social worker Mrs. Courtney Hall

               Our social worker Mrs. Courtney Hall










    NEGHS Tutoring Plan

    • Tutoring with teachers is done by invitation.  However, peer tutoring is now available on Thursdays after school.  Scroll down to read more. 
    • Bell Rings at 3:30 pm to end the day
    • Students should report to their tutoring site by the 3:35 bell
    • Any students not in tutoring at that time should report to the front of the school and arrange for a ride home.
    • At 4:25 a bell will ring to end tutoring
    • Tutoring passes should be issued by teachers (or by me if it's peer tutoring) at this time
    • Teachers should sweep all students to the cafeteria
    • Administration will provide supervision in the cafeteria
    • All students will be offered a hot meal at no charge
    • All students that are eating must sign-in at the line
    • All students not eating should remain in the cafeteria
    • Tutoring buses will arrive at the front of the school at 4:45

    Notes about passes:
    • No pass should be given to students who do not stay with their teacher the entire time.
    • No passes will be provided by the administration.


    Tutorial Days and Times:

    Bacote (English):  Thursdays after school

    Campbell (Accounting):  Wednesday afternoons

    Capozzi (English):  Tuesdays after school

    Cornett (Chemistry & Physics):  Thursday afternoons

    Cox (Phy Sci & Anatomy):  Wednesday afternoons

    Curtis (Math 2 and AFM):  Wednesdays after school

    DeBerry (Business Management, MS Word PwrPt):  Tuesday afternoons

    Fedor (Personal Finance & MS Word/Pwrpt):  Wednesday after school

    Felder (English):  Tuesdays after school

    Foye (World History and American History):  Wednesday afternoons

    Fulton (Math 1 and FOM 1):  Wednesday afternoons

    Grubbs (French):  Wednesday afternoons

    A Harris (Princ of Business): Wednesday afternoons

    C Harris (Biology & AP Env Sci): Tuesday afternoons

    Harris (AP Computer Science Principles): Wednesday afternoons

    Hawkins (American History & Leadership Development):  Thursdays after school

    Hooker (English):  Tuesdays after school

    Howell (Earth/Env Sci):  Wednesday afternoons

    Jones (OCS Math & Science):  Thursdays after school

    Kinghorn (Spanish): Wednesdays after school

    Lamont (Digital Design & Animation and Adv Modeling & Anim):  Wed after school

    Lopez (Spanish):  Wednesday after school

    McNeal (Health Science):  Thursdays after school

    Mendenhall (English):  Thursdays after school

    Minassian (ESL):  Wednesdays after school

    Mitchell (Math 1 and FOM 1):  Thursday afternoons

    Palmenteri (Art):  Tuesdays & Thursdays by appointment

    Pegram (English):  Thursdays after school

    Powell (AP Computer Sci & MS Word):  Wednesdays after school

    Prevete (Biology):  Tuesday afternoons

    Raeford (AP Psychology/H Sociology):  Wed afternoons for remediation; Thurs afternoons for subject area tutoring

    Robinson (Earth/Env Sci & AP Chemistry):  Thursday afternoons

    Rosse (English):  Wednesdays after school

    Schmidt:  H Pre-Cal on Wed afternoons and AP Calculus on Thurs afternoons

    Schoolfield (Drafting): Thursday afternoon

    Smith (Math 2 and 3): Wed afternoons and Thurs afternoons by appointment

    Spence (OCS English & History):  Every day except Thursday

    Surgeon (Math 3):  Tuesday afternoons

    Taylor (APUSH & Honors American History II):  Thursdays after school

    Thomas (Engineering Design I & II):  Wednesday afternoons

    Whitehead (Foundations of Math 1):  Tuesday afternoons

    Williams (Math 2):  Thursday afternoons


     AP Mrs. Johnson

    Peer Tutoring

    Students who want to have peer tutoring on Thursdays after school need to sign up by the previous Wednesday.  Sign-ups are done in the media center or here online:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4BAFAE2DA7F49-peer    Be sure to include in the 'Public Comments' section on the sign-up the class for which you want/need tutoring!  Every effort will be made to match you up with a tutor.

    Students who tutor and students who need/want to be tutored are to meet in the media center on Thursdays after school.

    Students who want to tutor need to see me so I can get them on board with the program, review goals and expectations and answer any questions they have.  This program can/will be a great service-learning opportunity for them, as well.







    SAT and ACT INFO. 

    I have been handed a link to a great resource that explains all about the ACT and includes:

    • a full-length practice ACT test, including the optional writing test
    • info about the multiple-choice and writing tests
    • test-taking strategies
    • what to expect on test day.

    You can visit this resource here! 

    Info. on how to order more official ACT score reports can be found here:  https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/scores/sending-your-scores.html 

    You might have heard about SAT Subject Tests.  They're optional for some schools but not for others.  How about you?  Do you need them?  Check out College Board's comprehensive list and advice (which is to always double-check with the colleges to which you're applying):  http://blog.prepscholar.com/complete-list-of-colleges-that-require-sat-subject-tests 


    To see upcoming test dates and registration deadlines, go here:  https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register/dates-deadline


    To practice for the SAT, go to Khan Academy here:  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat

    Khan is a GREAT website, and I encourage everyone to use it as much as possible.  As you work through practice questions, it can actually diagnose what your weak areas are and how to better prepare.  This makes the time you put into this site very efficient.  I cannot stress how much preparation can boost your score and also help you simply feel better during the test.

    Create an account with College Board (if you haven't already) so you can sign up for the SAT, but if you’re doing that now, be sure to keep your username and password written/saved in multiple, safe locations.  If you lose any of this information, it’s virtually impossible to get it from the College Board.


    You have probably heard about an optional essay part of the SAT.  Whether you do the essay portion of the exam or not should depend on whether the colleges to which you're applying require it.  I recommend you check directly with the colleges/universities to which you're applying to make certain of this.  Meanwhile, here is a list I found that shows schools that recommend, require or don't require the essay portion:  http://blog.prepscholar.com/schools-that-require-the-sat-essay 

    To qualify for a fee waiver, you need to be on free/reduced lunch.  You can go to the cafeteria in the mornings and ask a staff member there for a printout of your free/reduced status.  Take this printout to Counselor Leonard here in the counseling department, and you can get a fee waiver.   


    The Northeast High School SAT/CEEB code is 342570.  

    The link to the ACT administration dates for 2019-20 is here:  http://www.studypoint.com/ed/act-test-dates/ 


    When you create an account with the College Board, I encourage you to keep your username and password written in about five safe locations!  If you lose this information, it's impossible to retrieve it from the College Board.

    March2Success is a site for SAT and ACT prep.  Check it out and let me know what you think:  https://www.march2success.com/

    Practice the English part of the ACT here:  https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-preparation/english-practice-test-questions.html?page=0

    Practice the Math part of the ACT here:  https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-preparation/math-practice-test-questions.html?page=0&ch

    By taking the PSAT/NMSQT and meeting published entry requirements, 11th graders may enter the National Merit Scholarship Program conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  Visit www.nationalmerit.org to learn more.



    Keener and Pegram

    By Capozzi's room  







    Greensboro Youth Council is a volunteer organization for high school students that allows them to create, implement and evaluate projects for the community.  GYC Advisors work with their volunteers to cultivate skills in leadership, project management, decision making, time management and more.  GYC members earn service learning hours for participating in the program.  Projects/Programs run through GYC include Ghoulash, Santa's Workshop, Fashion Show, Camille's Closet/Theo's Threads, GYC Training Institute, and more.  Visit greensboroyouthcouncil.com to learn more.

    Many students will pursue service-learning opportunities throughout their high school careers.  Be sure to get your service-learning plans approved beforehand, however, to make sure you get the credit you deserve!  I now have a supply of service-learning approval forms.  Come get one if you need it!  Meanwhile, I'll post service-learning opportunities here as I learn of them.  Be sure to check in with Ms. Hawkins, as well; she has the scoop on virtually everything connected to service learning! 


    Outside Counseling







    Job tips for high school students can be found here:  https://www.zippia.com/job-search/high-school-jobs/


    The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls is a FREE college access summer day-camp that empowers girls to set and achieve their postsecondary goals! For Summer 2020, Chosen Girls will receive a fun-filled week of college prep through various interactive presentations on each component of the college process, seminars on developing a college plan, guest speakers from various colleges, a financial aid session, SAT and ACT prep, and a free college campus tour to end the week!  REQUIREMENTS: Must have a 2.0 GPA (weighted) or higher; be a rising 10th-12th grade girl; must commit to completing the full week of camp. Please note that due to COVID-19, they are prepared to facilitate a virtual camp. Stay tuned for more details!  Click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6fXM1vmPSYEXJkt1QQPVbob9uC1tUSgxAkX-Hc8QrUbn2sw/viewform to apply for The Visionary Institute!


    The American Indian Center is excited to be hosting its 2020 Carolina Horizons student enrichment program.  Carolina Horizons is a three day “crash course” that prepares students for the college application process. From June 17th -20th students will learn about Carolina and establish personal relationships with college admission representatives in the UNC System.  This program seeks to increase access to higher education and is designed to limit the financial burden of students who desire to participate in our program. Thus, the students are not required to pay for program expenses. However, we do ask that students are able to arrange their own travel to and from campus.

    At Carolina Horizons students will:

    • Experience living in a college residence hall and eating in the dining hall
    • Begin filling out the NC Common Application 
    • Receive tips on writing college essays 
    • Start writing a college essay and receive feedback from admissions and college advisors
    • Meet with multiple admissions counselors from various universities across the state  

    Additionally, parents/guardians are offered the opportunity to join their students on the final day for a session that goes into more detail about how to prepare for college.  Read more about it and apply at https://americanindiancenter.unc.edu/news/2020-carolina-horizons-applications-now-available/



    The Greensboro Fire Department will be hosting the 1st annual Camp Spark, an interactive and fun camp where high school girls will be taught the basic fundamentals of firefighting by female firefighters.  This camp was created to help build self-confidence and encourage perseverance while stressing the importance of keeping a good attitude, showing respect, and gaining knowledge!  Learn more by visiting their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CampSparkGFD   You can also visit their website where applications can be downloaded and submitted:  http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/fire/camp-spark​ 


    Greensboro Youth Council is offering two summer service-learning programs:

    • Session 1 - Poverty: June 15-26
    • Session 2 - Inclusive Recreation: July 13-24 

    Week 1 of each session is designed to provide "learning." We will spend the week gaining valuable background information on the topic, including touring community agencies and meeting with their staff. Week 2 is designed to provide "hands-on" service on the topic. For example, working in a community garden that has provided fresh food to a neighborhood.


    Camp is open to teens ages 15-18 in Guilford County. Only 10 participants are accepted for each session. Teens may apply to attend one or both sessions. Once teens register, a confirmation email will be sent with additional details and follow up questions.  Registration is now open! Click here to register your teen.


    The cost to participate in the camp is $80 per session. This fee covers two shirts for each participant, transportation and snacks. Lunch is not provided. Fees are due upon acceptance into the camp. **Scholarships are available.**



    The NC State College of Education will host the Leadership Institute for Future Teachers (LIFT) Sunday, June 14 – Thursday, June 18.LIFT is a five-day, residential program for students of color and bilingual students who are rising high school seniors in North Carolina interested in leadership development and also exploring a career in education. The program will be held on NC State’s campus with all expenses paid except for travel to and from Raleigh.  Students will have the opportunity to
    • Engage in intensive and innovative on-campus activities
    • Interact with statewide leaders in education
    • Enhance communication and leadership skills to be competitive for statewide and national scholarships
    • Develop friendships with like-minded high school students across the state
    • Be mentored by current NC State students who will serve as program co-facilitators
    • Receive ongoing encouragement and support after the program through digital engagement
    In order to participate in LIFT, students must be nominated by high school counselors, teachers, principals, or parents, or they can self-nominate. If you know any students who could benefit from this opportunity, please nominate them by filling out this nomination form.

    You can view more information at https://ced.ncsu.edu/LIFT


    Camp Kesem at UNC-Greensboro is taking summer 2020 applications.   2020 camp session at Mount Shepherd Retreat Center in Asheboro, NC from August 9- August 14th.  Applications are now open to the public as of January 21st.  Camp Kesem can also able to send these applications in paper form in the mail.  The application link to be shared with new families can be found here.  Let them know if you have any questions. 


    The Martha Guy Summer Institute is a two-week summer residential program at Appalachian State University.  It'll run July 19-August 1 and will offer a unique opportunity for current high school juniors to gain business knowledge and experience.  Participants will receive classroom instruction, an entrepreneurial project, professional/leadership development, and regional travel and/or interaction with business professionals.  Visit www.marthaguy.appstate.edu to learn more and to apply!  The deadline is February 28, 2020. Tuition is $1,000, plus a meal plan of $350 (these fees are 40% lower than last year!).  Students with an interest in business as a college major are great candidates for this program.  


    The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a first step in navigating your future to becoming one of our nation's next generation of leaders.  Summer Seminar introduces you to life at the Academy, where you will experience first-class academic, athletic, and professional training at one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country.  If you are a junior in high school interested in pursuing an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, you are invited to apply to Summer Seminar 2020.  Visit usna.edu/Admissions/Programs/NASS


    CHANCE is a college prep summer camp for Latino/Hispanic students who are currently in 10th or 11th grade.  See what college life is like!  Attend college courses; meet faculty, students, and staff; and stay in a campus residence hall.  You will also gain cultural experiences, participate in sports activities and team-building games, and learn about college prep!  You need a minimum of 2.8 GPA to participate.  The fee is $65.  Apply by March 1 at admissions.uncg.edu/chance  You are also welcome to direct questions to urchance@uncg.edu or call Kattya Castellon at 336/334-5653 or Margarita Kerkado at 336/334-4090.




    DeBerry and students  







    Counselor Leonard is handling all the scholarship info this year.  Visit a complete list of what NEHS has received at the following site, and keep a check for regular updates:  https://www.gcsnc.com/domain/14958

    Meanwhile, Seniors need to share with us their scholarship/grant letters.  Doing so allows us to count this money toward our scholarship totals.





     In the English hall  




    Info about open houses will be shared as it is received.



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    CEEB Code (for SAT and ACT):  342-570


    Here is some additional info. that is sometimes required for various applications:


    My name is:  Michael Harrison

    My position is:  Counselor

    My email address is:  harrism3@gcsnc.com

    My phone number is:  336/375-2508

    My fax is:  336/375-2520


    The school website is:  Northeast Guilford High

    We have 11 AP courses and 28 honors courses.



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