• Classroom Rules: 

    1. Follow directions quickly
    2. Raise your hand to speak
    3. Use your hands and feet safely
    4. Make smart choices
    5. Be kind and helpful
    6. Do your best work

    Classroom Expectations:

    In my classroom students will have the opportunity to earn "super sticks", since they are all superheroes when they are in my classroom. When they are following a rule, being helpful, etc. they will be allowed to add a "super stick" to their pocket in the front of my classroom. Each students pocket will be labeled with a number they will be assigned to and remember so that no other students can easily tell how many sticks another student has. At the end of each day if a student has a certain amount of sticks in their pocket they will earn a sticker to put in their sticker book. They will be allowed to keep track of their stickers and when they get a certain amount will be allowed to mark them off their book for a no-cost reward. 

     These rewards include things like: lunch with the teacher, lunch with a friend, no homework pass, not wearing shoes in the classroom for the day, and getting to pick the read-aloud story for the day. Just as students can earn these sticks they can also be taken away. After a warning students will be asked to put a stick back. They are still able to earn their sticker for the day. This keeps students accountable for their actions while allowing them to still have a positive day and not get stuck on one bad choice. 

     Note: please know that our school is now a PBIS school.   This stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Our school has expectations for our students that allow for a safe, happy, and minimally interrupted school day. 

    Students are recognized for demonstrating:



    -Always being Respectful and


    This is how we at MBSE can SOAR

     Please work with us as we work with students to make MBSE a wonderful place to learn.