• Grading Policy


    Kindergarten students will receive Interim Reports midway through each 9 week quarter.  At the end of each 9 weeks, students will receive a Report Card.


    How are grades obtained for these documents?

    * teacher observation

    * assessments

    * DIBELS/TRC scores

    * input from "Specialist" teachers (Art, Music, P.E., Media, and Guidance teachers)



    Students are typically given scores on Interim Reports that indicate whether the student is "On Target" for skills being taught or whether they "Need Improvement".  There are also scores given regarding classroom behavior and work habits.  These scores are marked as:

    * M = Most of the time

    * S = Some of the time

    * N = Not yet



    Students are scored in 2 ways on their report card.  Either a letter grade or a number grade will be given.


    Letter grades are:



    N=Needs Improvement



    Number grades are:

    4 = Consistently exceeds grade level expectations

    3 = Consistently meets grade level expectations

    2 = Needs support to meet grade level expectations

    1 = Below grade level expectations with support