Module 2- Personal Finance and Resource Management

    (EverFi’s Vault™)

    2.00 Understand personal finance and resource management. 

    2.01 Understand personal financial literacy. 

    2.02 Understand resource management.


    Module 3- Nutrition and Wellness

    3.00 Understand factors that influence nutrition and wellness.

    3.01 Understand the impact of choices on wellness.

    3.02 Understand kitchen basics.

    3.03 Understand nutritious meal planning and preparation.


    Module 4- Food Service and Hospitality

    4.00 Understand the basics of food service and hospitality.

    4.01 Understand the basics of food safety and sanitation.

    4.02 Understand culinary and hospitality basics.


    Module 6- Apparel Design

    6.00 Understand factors that influence clothing choice.

    6.01 Understand the basic elements of design.

    6.02 Understand basic construction techniques.

    6.03 Understand the impact of function and marketing on clothing choices.


    Module 7- Interior Design

    7.00 Understand Interior Design 

    7.01 Understand the basic principles of design.

    7.02 Understand sustainable design.

    7.03 Understand how to manage a living space.