• What is an IEP?

    The IEP, or Individualized Education Program, describes the unique needs of the student due to the disability, the services and supports that the student needs, and how the school district is going to address those needs. The IEP is a comprehensive, legal document developed by the IEP team, including the parent. 

    What is the difference between an IEP and a 504?

    IEPs are developed for students who require specialized instruction. 504 plans are for students who have accessibility requirements but do not require specialized instruction and do not qualify for special education programs under IDEA. 

    Who can help me to better understand my child's IEP?

    You can reach out to the EC Parent Liaison, Jacqui Hawkins, at 336-370-8355 or hawkinj@gcsnc.com or speak to your child's case manager at their school.

    I disagree with my child's IEP. What should I do?

    You can request a review of your child's IEP at any time. Submit your request to the child's school in writing.

    If, after reconvening, you still haven't reached an agreement, follow the recommendations outlined in the Parent Rights and Responsibilities in Special Education - Notice of Procedural Safeguards.

    Who do I contact with my concerns (chain-of-command)?

    Step 1: Speak with your child's teacher or related services provider.

    Step 2: Speak with the school principal.

    Step 3: Speak with the district.

    • For IEP and EC related concerns, please call the EC Parent Liaison at 336-370-8355
    • For school related concerns, please speak with the Principal Supervisor in your zone.


    Why does my child need a re-evaluation every three years?

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires schools to reevaluate kids with IEPs at least once every three years. This is known as a triennial reevaluation or review.

    The purpose of the triennial is to see if your child’s needs have changed. It’s also to see if your child still qualifies for exceptional children's services.

    Parents and schools may agree not to do a triennial reevaluation, but they must do so in writing. For example, after reviewing your child’s records and progress, the IEP team might decide there’s already enough data to support continued services and set goals. In that case, a reevaluation may not be needed.

    Keep in mind, though, that three years is a long time. Even if it’s clear your child is still eligible for services, his needs and abilities may have changed. A reevaluation can give the IEP team more information about what to include in his IEP.

    What are some local resources that my child could benefit from?

    Please visit our Links and Resources page for more information or contact Jacqui Hawkins, EC Parent Liaison, at 336-370-8355 or hawkinj@gcsnc.com for specific requests.

    I want to get involved. How can I help?

    There are many ways for a parent or community member to get involved. 

    Please see the Volunteers and Partnerships page for more information.

    For the safety of our students, and in compliance with our Board of Education Administrative Policy KF, volunteers who are 16 years old and older are required to register with GCS and complete a background check for any volunteer work that has the potential for unsupervised time with students.