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    fax: 336-370-8044


    For the 2021-2022 school year, I am the counselor for all 6th grade students and for 8th grade students with last names beginning with letters A-M. My background includes several years in mental health, criminal justice, social work, as well as interacting with children in foster care and I am extremely passionate about advocacy. These experiences, along with a job working in a children’s home with an alternative, on-grounds school, have allowed me to gain experience working with diverse student populations. I enjoy spending time with family, shopping, traveling, shopping, food, and shopping. I strongly believe that it is a School Counselor’s duty to serve their students and recognize that every student, given the means and opportunity, is capable of success, and I am eager to work at a school dedicated to providing students with challenging and meaningful learning experiences. I am proud to be a Swann Lion and look forward to working with you.