• What are we going to learn in your class?

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    This semester our courses are Computer Science. In this class you will learn marketable skills that you will be able to use in your  high school coursework, the world of work and in your college courses.

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  • Do we need any special items for your class?

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    I have distributed a classroom supply list to all students. I will post an electronic copy for your convenience. One thing of importance to note is that I believe that we are blessed as human beings to be a blessings to others. With that said, if you are in need of school supplies, just let me know. If you care to donate some school supplies for our classroom stash here is what we can use:

    1. Pack of blue or black bic pens

    2. Colored Pencils

    3. College Ruled Paper

    4. Box of Tissue

    5. Lotion

    6. Lysol

    7. Hand Sanitizer

    8. High Lighters (Different Colors)

    9. Binder

    10. USB drive at least 16G

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  • What are some of the fun things we can expect in your class?

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    Academics first....then we celebrate birthdays in our class. I bring in the donuts and your classmates will sing and dance for you IF.. your birthday arrives within the Fall and Spring. 

    We also have classroom managers because I run my class as a business. It is so fun being the classroom manager because you learn to develop your 21st century skills focusing on leadership and increase your workplace knowledge!

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