• Communication

    Class Dojo will be used for parent and student communication. Please use the information sent home to sign up. We will use this for reminders, due dates, announcements etc. 



    Tutoring session will be offering in mornings (8:10 - 8:45) after starting in October and  Thursday Afternoon 4 - 4:45 


    Students use their Interactive Notebooks, glue/tape, pens/pencils and colored pencils almost everyday. Please be sure to bring them to class!

    Reading Logs

    Monthly Reading logs Calendars are given out at the beginning of the month. They are due on the 1st day of the next month.  Students should be reading at home everyday for at least 30 min. Extra copies of logs are at the front of class.



    Grading Policy

    Tests  - 50%

     1 retest  is allowed per test.  – Students will receive the average of the two scores. All retest must be taken within 1 week of the original test date. There are no re-tests on ELA Unit Projects.


    Interactive Notebook - 40%


    Quizzes/mini-assignments – 10%

    no retests – some quizzes will be unannounced


    ELA Unit Projects will be counted as test grades.


    It is extremely important that 8th graders learn to turn work in on time. If a student is absent on a test or due date, they are expected to take any tests/quizzes and turn in any assignments the next day they return to class.  


    Late Policy

    1 day late – highest grade possible 80

    2 days late – highest grade possible 70

    3 days late – highest grade possible 60

    More than 3 days late – grade will be a zero


    Keeping up with Grades

    Interim & Report card dates are below. For further updates, parents and students should check PowerSchool frequently. All students will be shown how to check grades.  Parents are encouraged to have students show them grades often. Please use Class Dojo if there are any questions.

    Interim Reports

    Report Cards

    September 27, 2018

    November 13, 2018

    December 10, 2018

    January 29, 2019

    February 25, 2019

    April 18, 2019

    May 8, 2019

    Mailed home @ end of year

     ELA Curriculum

    Lab 1 - ARC Literacy Lab

    Lab 2 - American Revolution

    Lab 3 - Science Fiction - Science Frontiers 

    Lab 4 - Energy - Preserving a Society