• As a student, I will be responsible for:

    1. Showing respect and cooperating with all members of staff at the school.
    2. Coming to class on time, online or in-person, prepared to work.
    3. Completing all assignments to the best of my ability, at an honors level.
    4. Respecting the rights of others to learn without disruption.
    5. Showing respect for people and property by not using profanity, stealing, or vandalizing.
    6. Practicing the rules in the Code of Student Conduct available at GCSNC.com.
    7. Contacting the teacher if there are any concerns or questions about your learning or technology.
    8. Spending time at home studying or reading, while checking Canvas & PowerSchool Daily.

    **Some assignments will be in Google.  All students have a school Gmail account that should be used for school assignments. If we have shared Google Documents or Slides, you will have to use the school-issued Gmail.  

    If you have to use an outside email, please, no gamer or unprofessional emails.  They may be mistaken as SPAM and will be deleted immediately.

    You should have a professional Gmail account.  Think of it as an email that you will share with a future employer or college admissions representative.

    Example: LastName_FirstInitial2021@gmail.com

    Example: Oles_J2021@gmail.com

     As a parent, I will be responsible for:

    1. Reading and understanding the classroom syllabus.
    2. Signing up for and checking regularly the student’s PowerSchool and Canvas Parent Accounts.
    3. Providing a caring environment, including adequate food and rest, so my child is ready to learn.
    4. Allowing a time and place for quiet study and reading (home, public library, after-school, etc.).
    5. Contacting the teacher if there are any concerns or questions about student learning or technology.
    6. Encouraging my student to be great every day!
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