• Remind Code for AP Chem 2023-24:  @apchemng24

    Supply List for AP Chemistry:

    • Pencils/pens for doing your schoolwork
    • Paper. Wide-Ruled, College-Ruled, or Blank
    • 2 Composition Notebooks (1/semester).  Not required, but very helpful.
    • Highlighters, Colored Pencils or Pens for Note-taking and Activities
    • Post-It Notes and Tabs for Composition Notebook and Other Class Notes/Activities
    • Post-It notes for activities to be taped into your notes.
    • Calculator. A scientific calculator with a logarithmic function key is needed.  A Graphing calculator is not required. The calculator you use for math class will be fine.
    • Sense of Humor and Grit!



    Welcome to AP Chemistry! 

    (update: Aug. 22, 2023)

    1) All items and assignments will be posted on Canvas for the 2023-24 school year.

    2) There will not be a summer assignment that must be submitted; however, I distributed a "summer assignment" for you to work for practice.  I expect you to "know it" and then ask questions.  I have posted the answers for you to check your work. You can review the following sections in the OpenStax book.  At a minimum I suggest reading the chapter summaries.  The exercises in blue at the end of each chapter have answers to check your work (click on the problem number).  

    Chapter 1 - Essentials (all sections)
    Chapter 2 - Atoms, Molecules, and Ions (all sections)
    Chapter 3 - Sections 3.1-1.3
    Chapter 4 - Sections 4.1-4.3

    3) If you would like a copy of the Unit 1 packet and other materials (some need to be memorized) before you have access to Canvas - please e-mail me at: strubis@gcsnc.com

     4)**Sign up for Remind Messages for AP Chem by texting @apchemng24 to 81010**  






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