• What does a School Counselor do?

    School Counselors provide student support services in several different ways. Students will see their School Counselors during their Guidance Special each week, as well as small group and individual meetings. Below are more descriptors of what each of these areas mean. 

    Classroom Guidance
            The counselor provides regular classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics pertinent to our school and students, such as bullying, character development, and career/college readiness. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and align with the North Carolina Essential Standards for Guidance and the American School Counselor Association's Standards for Students. 

    Counseling Groups
            Counseling Groups are held on a variety of topics, such as study skills, conflict resolution, friendship, self-esteem, divorce, or grief/loss. Topics are chosen based on an annual school needs assessment results, as well as feedback from teachers. Parents are always welcome to recommend their child for a particular group. 

    Individual Counseling
            Students can meet with the counselor for an individual session to discuss goal setting, academic concerns, social/personal issues, or to celebrate and share an accomplishment. Individual counseling is short term, solution-focused, and is not the same as psychotherapy. Referrals for an individual session can come from staff, parents, or students.