Question: What is your confidentiality/privacy policy?
    Answer: Privacy is an inherent part of any counseling relationship. However, the law requires me to disclose information when I suspect that a child may hurt themselves or someone else, or if someone else is hurting the child. In addition, I often encourage students to share conversations with parents or staff when pertinent, and students often give their permission for me to share information that we discuss.

    Question: Do parents/guardians need to give special permission for a child to see the school counselor?
    Answer: Because the school counseling program is part of regular education, the counselor does not need special permission to meet with a student. However, I highly value parent collaboration and communication! Additionally, I will send home notification letters for students who wish to participate in counseling groups. 

    Question: Who sees the school counselor?
    Answer: EVERYONE! The school counselor works alongside teachers and staff to serve ALL students through a comprehensive school counseling program. 

    Question: What kinds of things might a parent or guardian contact the school counselor about?
    Answer: There are many things that the school counselor can assist parents with. Parents can contact the counselor to discuss their child's
    • behavior at school or home
    • academics
    • goals for the future
    • changes in environment (such as death of a loved one, divorce, etc)
    • social skills or friendship issues