CADD with Engineering Focus

  • These courses focus on engineering graphics while introducing students to industry standards and techniques. It also introduces  students to simple and advanced Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Software - AutoDesk Inventor.  GCS covers the cost for the industry certification test; students will take it at the end of the course.

     AutoDesk Inventor

Honors Drafting I

  • This course introduces students to the use of simple and complex graphic tools used to communicate and understand ideas and concepts found in the areas of architecture and engineering. Students learn classical and modern methods such as sketching, hand-drafting, and Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD).

Honors Engineering II & III

  • The level II Engineering class emphasizes the application of CADD tools in the creation of 3D models, manufacturing processes, dimensioning and tolerancing, and various engineering drawing layouts.

    The level III Engineering class emphasizes the advanced application of CADD tools in the design process, 3D models, dimensioning and tolerancing, and working drawings. Students are required to develop an engineering portfolio.


Advanced Studies Engineering

  • Students can choose to take an additional level as an Advanced Studies course in Engineering. The course project includes a paper, a working portfolio, a presentation, and a project. As a base for developing the course project, students use knowledge, skills, and attitudes attained from previous courses taken. The project must be of sufficient depth to require extensive review of literature. The project should lend itself to identification of a problem, examination of possible solutions or directions, and analysis of the impact of solutions. In addition, they will write, speak, solve problems, and use life skills such as time management and organization.