Internal Key Communicators

  • Be among the first to find out about breaking news and new initiatives and help administrators understand what your colleagues think, feel and want.

    A group of GCS employees representing different departments and various schools serve as the key communicators. The goal of the program is to foster open communication between GCS central offices, departments and schools.

    "We want to make sure that GCS is communicating effectively within our organization," said GCS Chief of Staff Nora Carr to the initial class of key communicators. "The key communicators can tell us what communication is effective or ineffective."

    The group will meet quarterly with central office staff and receive information related to various topics that affect the district; however, most involvement will be electronic. Involvement on this committee serves as another platform for employees to bring their concerns or questions to the central office and receive clarification or answers to inquires about the district and relay them back to their designated departments or schools.

    "We want the key communicators to tell us what's going on, good or bad, throughout the district," said Carr.

    Through the program, GCS is holding true to the pledge of transparency and the goal to increase the percentage of employees who consider GCS a preferred place to work.

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