Aviation academy classwork

Information and Considerations During the Four-Year Program

  • To ensure that students have all the required classes to graduate on time and attend GTCC, freshman and sophomore year classes are front-loaded with the classes required by the N.C. Department of Education. Through dual-enrollment, students can earn credits that will count for both high school and college. Students can graduate high school with both a high school degree and credit for an associate degree, if qualified. 

    Freshman Year: Freshmen learn aviation information and skills, such as how to fly by using flight simulators, physics, aerodynamics, which is reinforced by students building a wooden wing and how to do general maintenance on aircraft. This is all in Aerospace Technology 1 and Honors Aerospace Technology 2 classes. These classes are taught through a hands-on project-based approach. 

    Sophomore Year: Sophomores on the engineering track will take Drafting 1 and Metals Manufacturing at Weaver Academy, if possible. Sophomores on the Maintenance track will take Automotive Fundamentals and Auto Tech 1 at Andrews High School. Students who are on the Pilot track will complete required graduation classes.   

    Junior Year: Engineers and Maintenance will take Honors Aviation Manufacturing, which is designed to provide engineers and maintenance students with the hands-on aspect of doing metal part assembling and building metal wings or starting their classes at GTCC as early college students. Students can also start GTCC classes at the Jamestown campus. 

    Senior Year: Depending upon the track, students may complete computer classes, Automotive classes, or Game Simulation and Design at Andrews High School. Students with a GPA of 2.8 or higher can attend the GTCC Aviation Program. Maintenance students will take General and Airframe classes in their senior year, which is required for the Airframe and Powerplant License. Pilot students will take their ground training at the  Pilot Ground School at GTCC, or continue with GTCC transfer classes at Jamestown Campus.  


    GTCC Classes: Students may attend full time at the Aviation Campus and must provide their own transportation since classes begin at 8AM. However, tuition and books will be free of charge. If students attend classes at Jamestown main campus, transportation, tuition and books are free of charge. Both locations require Parental Involvement and a commitment, which is mandatory.