• The Vision of the Counseling Department is to ensure that every student has equitable access to academic achievement, career development and personal/social development.  We are committed to empowering our students by inspiring them to think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively with others, create in an innovative manner, solve problems efficiently, and incorporate useful technology to enrich their lives as lifelong learners. 

    Our Mission is provide a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment, where strong relationships enable us to set high, yet personalized, expectations for every student.  By collaborating with all stakeholders, T. W. Andrews Student Services will offer a diverse array of educational experiences that will provide every student the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need for graduation and educational advancement.  By nurturing our students’ social, physical, and intellectual growth, our mission is to encourage our students to become responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and leaders in the global community.

    Our Goal is to support our students with increasing school-wide performance composite for End-of-Course tests, increase overall scholarship award dollars, and improve school culture and climate.

    You can order a transcript online at High School Transcript

    Melissa Clowe (10th grade & 12th grade A-F) clowem@gcsnc.com

    Samara Johnson(11th grade & 12th grade G-O) johnsos2@gcsnc.com

    Temple Walls (9th grade & 12th grade P -Z) wallst@gcsnc.com

    Darlene Flake, Office Support/Registrar flaked@gcsnc.com