• At Hunter Elementary Preschool we use:

    • The Creative Curriculum
    • an assessment tool from Teaching Strategies GOLD
    • Fundations to teach letters and their sounds
    • Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) to teach letter formation
    • Conscious Discipline by Dr. Bailey

    In our classroom:

    • We call ourselves The Froggy Friends 

                Froggy Friends

    • We create a school family community where everyone feels safe to explore, learn, and grow.
    • We empower children with skills to problem solve, build self-discipline and self-regulation and vital life skills such as good manners, listening skills, and teamwork.
  • To help you better understand how we build our safe classroom, we use Dr. Jean's rules:

    (dr. jean rules - Bing images) 

    • Follow Directions
    • Feet and hands to yourself
    • Small voices inside, tall voices on the playground
    • Take care of our things and keep the classroom neat and clean
    • Work together, get along, and respect each other