Elected Positions

  • The PTA has six elected positions:

    *President  The president presides at PTA meetings, coordinates the work of the officers, board and committees of the PTA, performs other duties as provided by the bylaws or assigned to him/her by the PTA or by the board of directors, signs all contracts that have been approved by the board, and serves as ex officio voting member of all committees except the nominating committee.

    *Vice President  The vice president performs duties as requested by the president and the board of directors.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president, the vice president assumes the duties of the president until a new one is elected.

    *Treasurer  Must be willing to be responsible for all the financial duties: Writing checks, obtaining required signatures on checks, reconciling monthly bank statements, paying bills, filing taxes (if required), etc.  Performs specific duties as spelled out in the Morehead PTA Bylaws.

    *Secretary  The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at monthly board meetings, performing other delegated duties assigned by the president or the board of directors, and maintaining files of important documents relating to PTA.

    *School Improvement Team (SIT) Parent Representatives (2 positions) These  members attend the School Improvement Team meetings, and they provide a parent’s perspective to school topics under discussion by the committee.  SIT meets one Tuesday per month from 3 - 4:30 pm.  The SIT Parent Reps make reports to the PTA Board each month as well.

PTA Committees

  • All chair positions are volunteer and unelected. Committees can be led by one person or by co-chairs. All chairs are members of the PTA Board, and they report to the PTA President and to the Board. There are 14 voting members of the PTA Board. The voting members are chosen at the September Board meeting each year. Please see By-Laws and Standing Rules for more specific information on voting procedures.

    Accelerated Reader Program  Works in coordination with the Media Specialist and the school administration to create and provide programming that motivates students to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.  

    Advocacy  Stays abreast of topics in the news and legislature that relate to the mission of the PTA and its focus on children’s education.  They report to the PTA on upcoming changes to legislation and other political changes, and they coordinate events and campaigns to both educate parents about issues and to connect PTA members with the legislators who make education decisions on behalf of the citizens.

    Arts Enrichment Committee  This committee works in consort with the Arts Specialists teaching team to develop programming that supports the mission of the PTA and the arts education focus of Morehead Elementary.  Specifically, these projects take the form of maintaining the Gallery of Stars Visual Art Wall, researching and planning community arts events that match the mission of the school, and creating opportunities for Morehead students to interact with local, professional artists, musicians, and dancers.

    Audit Committee  Responsible for audits and financial reviews as described in the Bylaws.  This is an oversight committee, and it traditionally completes one major audit per year to ensure that PTA funds are being used according to the rules set out in the Bylaws.

    Beautification Committee Chairperson Works with Morehead administration to plan and coordinate beautification of the school campus.  They coordinate two schoolyard work days each school year, and they also make recommendations to the board regarding playground safety and equipment.

    Birthday Brigade Maintains a list of staff and teacher birthdays and delivers small tokens of appreciation, usually food items, to teachers and staff on their birthdays.

    Book Fair Works in cooperation with the School Media Specialist to coordinate two Scholastic book fairs, one in the fall and one in the spring of each year. 

    Communications Coordinates, enlists, creates, and ensures the PTA news and information is generated and distributed on a regular basis via print and/or electronic sources.

    Box Tops for Education Promotes the Box Tops for Education program via publicity materials such as flyers and newsletter articles.  They collect and count all box tops, keeping record of the amounts turned in by classes and individual students.  The committee also completes all necessary paperwork and mails information to the Box Tops company.

    ESOL/Bilingual Contact Works in cooperation with the ESL teachers to advocate for programs that help Morehead ESL students thrive in the school environment.

    Directory Coordinates, edits, and distributes the parent directory at the beginning of the school year.

    Family Game Night Coordinates with grade-level teachers to create a program that invites students and their families to enjoy an evening of board game entertainment and food with their fellow students and parents.

    Exceptional Children Works in cooperation with school teaching staff and specialists to advocate for programs that help children with special needs thrive in the school environment.

    Grant Writing Searches, coordinates and assists in writing grants that can fund PTA  programs.

    Fifth Grade Arts Reception Chairperson Works in coordination with the Visual Arts Specialist teacher to plan and implement an event that showcases 5th grade artworks in a gallery-like setting.

    Harris Teeter Together in Education Coordinator Publicizes linking VIC cards to Morehead Elementary via a drive every fall.  This committee also completes necessary paperwork as required by the program.

    GCC PTA Awards Nominates PTA members that are eligible for county level awards, and it writes letter of recommendation to the Guilford County Council of PTA for year-end recognition.

    Honor Roll Celebrations Coordinates three honor celebrations for students in 3rd through 5th grade, one at the end of each of the first three academic quarters.  The committee plans games and fun activities, creates and prints awards, and procures coupons from local businesses.

    Health and Safety Advocates for the health and safety of students and staff at Morehead Elementary.  They create programs that meet school goals, such as providing first aid kits and supplies to teachers and helping the school nurse as needed.

    International Night  Plans, publicizes and staffs International Night -- typically held in January or February each year.    They communicate with Morehead families with roots and connections to other countries, and they invite those families to share food, artwork, cultural artifacts, etc with the Morehead community at the International Night event.

    Hospitality Committee Coordinates events that create a welcoming environment for parents including Kindergarten Welcome events and parent coffees and social gatherings throughout the year.

    Men's Breakfast Coordinator Plans and coordinates a breakfast event that celebrates the contributions of men to the education of Morehead children.  The Male Volunteer of the Year award is given at this event.  The committee finds a keynote speaker and sets up a program that usually involves a music or other arts performance.

    Media Center Support Works with the Media Specialist.  They shelve books and help with other projects as delegated by the Media Specialist.  

    PTA Membership Conducts a membership drive in the fall to recruit members.  Member recruitment is ongoing throughout the year, and this committee manages the database and official membership roster of current PTA members.  They also complete paperwork as required by the rules of Guilford County PTA and NC PTA and by the Morehead PTA Bylaws.

    Reflections Art Contest Coordinates this arts-related program for Morehead. The chair of this committee attends training provided by the Guilford County Council of PTAs He/she distributes materials to the students and collects finished artworks.  Artworks are then submitted by the committee in the fashion required by the Reflections Contest Rules.

    Nominating Committee Identifies talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of the PTA.  They develop a slate of officers to be presented to the General Membership for a vote in May.

    Original Works Communicates with Original Works, coordinates with the Visual Art Specialist teacher so that children are able to create artwork in her classes specific to this project, and distributes and collects all forms and information related to ordering Original Works products.  This committee also runs the Morehead Tile Wall project, in which families purchase tiles that are placed on the Morehead Elementary walls.

    Stars on the Run Plans and implements Morehead’s only fundraiser, typically held in early October.  They solicit community sponsors and coordinate the paperwork and money collection.  They also coordinate the event day which involves gathering materials, finding parents to volunteer, setting up the running course, and generally supporting the children as they run laps to earn money for their school.  

    Teacher Appreciation Coordinates food and programs for staff appreciation.  Among other things, they manage meals for teachers on teacher workdays; they coordinate, find volunteers, and staff the annual dessert raffle for staff and teachers in February; they coordinate, find volunteers for, and staff the programs that celebrate our teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week in May of every year. 

    Room Parent Coordinator Communicates the room parent jobs to the volunteer room parents.  This committee coordinates Teacher Treat Days each month, and the chair communicates with the room parents to ensure that everyone has the information they need to create good classroom celebrations.

    School Spirit Selects merchandise with the school logo to sell..  They also order tee shirts, car magnets, and coffee mugs that are used both as spirit wear, but also as teacher gifts.  This committee staffs tables at school events where Morehead merchandise can be worn.  

    Volunteer Coordinator Compiles lists of volunteers from the forms parents fill out at the beginning of the school year and informs various committee chairs of people who are willing to volunteer in specific areas.