• We have lots to learn and discover this year in Science.  The following is a list of Units students will explore within the 6th grade units of study. 

     Units of Study

    • Unit 1- Matter
    • Unit 2- Energy Transfer
    • Unit 3- Waves
    • Unit 4- Earth’s Structure
    • Unit 5- Earth’s Stewardship
    • Unit 6- Rhythm of Life
    • Unit 7- Earth’s Place in the Solar System

    The following information explains grading policies and class expectations.  Please read through this information carefully and be sure you and your student have an understanding of these academic and behavioral expectations.  Keep this copy for your records. 

     Major tests / Unit Quizzes-50% of grade

    • Major tests will be announced at least 3 days in advance. Tests are worth 100 points.
    • Quizzes (announced and pop) will be given periodically, throughout the unit of study. Quizzes are also worth 100 points. 
    • Students can retake tests however; the new test score will be averaged with the 1st score they received.

    Classwork-25% of grade

    • Classwork consists of in-class assignments, collaborative or independent, given throughout the unit of study.
    • Classwork may be graded on completion and/or accuracy and will vary depending on the assignment. Graded classwork assignments will be worth 100 points.
    • Labs are included as classwork. Participation in the labs and completion of Lab Reports is expected.

    Notebook-15% of grade

    • Notebook checks will be conducted periodically within the units of study. Students will be given advanced notice as to when a notebook check will take place.
    • The teacher notebook is accessible to students daily and may be used as a reference for what should be in the notebook at the time of the notebook check.
    • Any student missing a notebook entry is advised to arrange with the teacher an opportunity to get what is missing prior to the notebook check date.
    • No assignments may be submitted late once a notebook check has occurred for a section.

    Homework-10% of grade

    • Homework will be required periodically in science.   
    • Students are encouraged to review and study their science lessons on a regular basis in an effort to be prepared at all times.