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    Speech language-therapy services are provided to students with articulation/phonological disorders, expressive/receptive language impairments, stuttering/fluency disorders, social/pragmatic language instruction, or voice/resonance disorders who are unable to access the general education curriculum. 

    We love words and vocabulary in speech!  The best way to work on vocabulary at home is by reading to your students.  We all know that it is important for our children to learn to read, but it is just as important for parents to continue reading to their students to provide more exposure and increase word knowledge. Reading books above your child's grade level that pique their interest is a wonderful way to encourage reading while helping them learn new vocabulary.

    Some of us are working on producing certain sounds correctly. Once a child is able to say their sound correctly in words, we want to give them chances to produce the word correctly in sentences.  This is a much harder task because it requires self-monitoring, meaning that the child must (1) constantly listen to and think about their own speech sounds, (2) determine if they are making any speech errors, and (3) go back and say their sentence again while fixing any errors.  As parents, we can help our children identify those speech errors and practice them at the sentence and conversational levels. This is the best way to help our students who are working so hard on their speech sounds.

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