• If you are a parent that is interested in keeping a check on your child’s grades, you will need to read this! (Student can register too!)


    A new feature is now available through Guilford County Schools that will allow you to access your child’s school information and connect with his or her teacher more easily.  PowerSchool Parent Portal is being offered as part of the state’s new student information system, called PowerSchool.


    To use PowerSchool Parent Portal, go to pa.gcsnc.com to obtain your secure access Id and password, which should be used to create your account.  Once that’s complete, you’ll receive an email instructing you how to create your account and then you will be able to manage your account information and link students to the account. You’ll need your child’s unique Student ID number, which is located on his or her report card.


    Grading Scale

    100-90 A

    89-80 B

    79-70 C

    69-60 D

    59-0 F