• Monthly Character Traits

    for Allen Middle School


    RESPONSIBILITY – August/September

    Having your work finished on time

    Being trusted with important jobs

    Keeping up with your materials

    Doing what you are expected to do when you are expected to do it


    RESPECT - October

    Treating others as you want to be treated

    Accepting your self and others

    Showing care for other people, property, and the environment


    KINDNESS – November/December

    Being nice and helpful to others

    Thinking about other people's feelings

    Giving to people in need

    Being a friend


    COURAGE – January/February

    Doing the right thing no matter what other people say

    Standing up for people who are not being treated the right way 

    Trying something new or doing something even though it is difficult


    INTEGRITY - March

    Being honest, trustworthy, and truthful

    Acting honorably

    Being someone others can rely on

    Making good decisions for yourself



    Demonstrating hard work

    Being in control of your emotions, words, and actions

    Giving your best in all situations



    Never giving up even when things get difficult

    Having the strength to try again when you make mistakes

    Always working hard for your goals