• Media Center Mission: The goal of the media center is to support students' and teachers' information needs by providing accurate and up-to-date information which is interesting and supports the curriculum. A warm and welcoming media center is a central goal, as well as promoting students' interest in reading. The involvement of students, teachers, parents, and community is a necessity for a successful library program.

    Checkout Policies: Students in grades one through five may have up to three books at a time. Students in Kindergarten will check out one book at a time. If students have ANY late books (that weren't returned from the previous weeks), they can only have 2 checked out (we want to encourage students to either return or renew books).

    Checkout Times: Students are welcome to check out books during open checkout time from 7:20 - 7:45 am each morning. Students are also encouraged to check out books during library class each week. Students may check out books at other times during the day with their teacher's permission.