• Northwest Middle School Spelling Bee, 2018-2019





    Classroom spelling bees will be held between December 10 and December 14; check with your individual ELA teachers for the date of your classroom bee.  The schoolwide bee will be held on January 9. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate spectators at classroom and schoolwide spelling bees.






    The winners from each classroom bee will automatically advance to the schoolwide bee.  A total of 38 representatives (1 from each ELA class) will participate in the schoolwide bee. Runners-up will not automatically advance to the schoolwide bee; however, in the event that a classroom bee winner is unable to participate in the schoolwide bee, the runner-up for that classroom bee will be invited to participate in his/her stead.


    The winner of the schoolwide bee will represent Northwest Middle at the county spelling bee on February 6.






    Click to download a copy of the school spelling bee list provided by Scripps.  Please note: these word lists represent the types of words that will be used during the classroom and schoolwide bees, but they are not comprehensive lists.


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