• I was out ... what did I miss?

    If you know that you will be absent ahead of time, I encourage you to let me know.  That way I can organize notes and work that you will miss so that you won't feel behind upon your return to school.

    If you are out, school policy allows for 3 days to makeup missed assignments.  See me when you return and we will talk about what needs to be done.  I generally keep any hand-outs for you and will let you know if you need to get notes from a classmate.  If they are lengthy I may be able to print a copy for you. 

    Please note that if you are absent the day before a test, then you will still take the test on test day!!!  I give plenty of notice for tests -- and no new information is covered the day before a test.  I will not expect you to take test if you are out for several days and new information has been covered.  We will make a plan to work on helping you to understand the new material that you missed.

    Bottom line:  Make up work is your responsibility, but I do my best to help you out.  I am generally reasonable and understanding about unusual or unexpected circumstances.  Talk to me about any questions or concerns that you may have.  If you are truly making an effort to get the work in -- then it will all work out. 


Girl studying at home at night