• 6th Grade - Computer Skills and Applications

    BU 102YA: Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing

    6th Grade Business Classes will focus on the following Modules: 

    Module 1: Apply the touch method in operating the keyboard and numeric keyboard.

    Module 2: Apply the touch method in operating number and symbol keys.

    Module 3: Apply the touch method in operating the keyboard while increasing speed and accuracy.

    Module 4: Digital Literacy - Understand tools and methods used to obtain information from the internet while remembering components of electronic communication and rules of online safety. 

    Module 5: Word Processing Basics & Business Correspondence 


  • McKinney Expectations Contract

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  • KMS Student Handbook 23-24

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  • Introduction to this course: 

    In this course you can expect to learn touch method of keyboarding (first 9 weeks of our class), followed by the basics of using MS Word (Business Correspondence: Memos, Letters formatting, and inserting Tables)


    Helpful Student Links from GCS on Student Resources


    Supplies Needed for Class:

    one – 2-pocket folder to organize your work (may stay in class)

    Pencils / Pens – (No RED Pens and NO Mechanical Pencils if possible) 

    Student Planners should be with you DAILY!



    Optional Items:

    *Personal Headphones you can use in class instead of class headphones. 

    No Bluetooth – only plug and play headphones

    *Flash drive to backup / save your work on (at least a 32GB is recommended but not required; we use OneDrive)



     Classroom Wish List Items:

    *Disinfecting Spray and/or Wipes / Tissues / Hand Sanitizer / Band-Aids

    Our class is always in need of the items mentioned above. 

    Wish List Items are always appreciated.


    Student Expectations 

    Students are expected to complete assignments by the due dates provided by the teacher. 

    Students should check their Canvas Inbox Daily!

    Assignments should be turned in on or before due dates.

    Be on time and ready for class each day!

    *If you miss a class, make sure to visit our Canvas page for updated class information and assignments.

    Semester Only Course (all grade levels)

    Check the weekly calendar for updates for our course as we plan to see updates as more information is released for our schedule this semester from our school and GCS.

    *See Our Course in Canvas for details from assignments to grading.


    Class Weights (for Mrs. McKinney's Class Only):

    Classwork (completed weekly) 40% of the total grade.

    Projects (completed 1 to 2 per module covered) 40% of total grade.

    Assessments i.e. test/quiz (completed 1 per module) 20% of total grade.

    You Have 7 School Days from the Due Date of Assignments Placed In Canvas/PowerSchool to Complete - Missing or Late Work will be labeled in PowerSchool and Teacher Comments posted in Canvas- after 7 School Days the Assignment is Closed and Your Grade is a Zero!  *Having Trouble? ...Communicate with me Prior to Closing Dates for Missing Work!



    When can I work on the course?  

    • In-Person - All work is completed in our class - this is a Lab Class and if work is completed during class; we will not have any homework assignments. 
    • If Remote - Students may work on the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The teacher will issue lessons and assignments. Computer and internet access is required. 

    How much time should I spend on the classes? 

    • Time management will be important throughout this course. Each student will learn at a different pace, and the time commitment will be different for all students.  All work given in class should be completed in class as long as student is continuing to practice time management skills in class. 

    How do I communicate with my teacher? 

    • Students can use the inbox on Canvas, as well as the contact information on the homepage. If a student contacts a teacher during the week, they can expect a response within 24 hours. Students who contact a teacher over the weekend can expect a response the following Monday.  


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