• Spanish I Syllabus & Information 

    Course Description 

    This course consists of the basic skills of communication in Spanish. In this course, students will learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students will use these skills to develop their communication skills. The four components of this course are speaking, writing, reading and listening. This course is a speaking intensive course, you will be required to speak.

    Course Objectives 

    Objectives of this course are to learn new language skills and incorporate them into everyday basic communicative situations in Spanish. In addition, students will better understand cultural perspectives, traditions, ideas and practices of the Spanish-speaking world.

    Classroom Materials 

    Students will be utilizing a variety of different texts to achieve our unit goals. All of these texts will be provided by NWGHS World Languages Department. 

    Students will also need the following materials to be successful in class. It is imperative that students bring their own required materials to class.

    • Composition book (preferably 100 pages or more)
    • Pencils and Pens
    • Glue Sticks and Colored Pencils *Each student should have their own set of colored pencils and glue sticks. 

    Classroom Rules 

    • Students are expected to arrive to class on time and be seated in their assigned seats daily when the bell rings.
    • Students have a Warm-Up Activity, they are expected to complete this activity in their allotted time. The Warm Up Activity, they are expected to complete this activity in the allotted time given. The Warm Up Activity will encompass concepts gone over from previous days.
    • Students are expected to bring their Spanish Composition books and other required materials to class every day.
    • Please eat lunch during the allotted time in our schedule. Please use the restroom between classes during breaks. I will be providing a limited number of restroom passes. So, please try to use the restroom before or after class.
    • Students are expected to be on task, and be respectful to the teacher and their classmates. 
    • To excel in Spanish class, students must spend 15-20 minutes reviewing their vocabulary words and/or new structures we have learned during that chapter.


    Missed assessments (formal or informal) of any kind must be made up within 3 days of an absence. In other words, students will have six opportunities to make up a graded item of any kind, three mornings and three afternoons OR during WIN every day. If students do not complete the assignment, it will become a permanent zero (0%). This policy is department approved.

    If you have ANY extenuating circumstance such as/but not limited to: illness of several days, death in the family, or ANY other circumstance that will keep you from completing make up work within 3 days, please contact me WITHIN the three days to come up with a plan that works well for the both of us. Communication is key!

    IMPORTANT: If a student demonstrates the use of outside resources in any assignment or assessment, they will earn a zero on the assignment. This includes (but is not limited to) Google Translate, copying the work of a friend, other online translators, writing the answers on their desk and copying from there, etc.. Students, please only use the notes given to you in our lessons to complete your work. I want to see your work NOT the internet's work!


    In this course, students are to show mastery within the four domains of the language, which include: Speaking, writing, reading and listening. The breakdown of the percentages are as follows:

    Reading - 25%

    Listening - 25%

    Writing - 25%

    Speaking -25%


    Tutoring with Señora Negrete

    Tutoring schedule will be released soon, but will be offered during WIN time. Thank you!


    Mrs. Tiffany Saavedra Negrete

    Spanish I and Honors Spanish III Instructor

    Northwest Guilford World Languages Department