• Request School, District Grant Partnership

    Guilford County Schools greatly values partnerships that are mutually beneficial and have the potential to improve outcomes for our students.  Historically, we have partnered on grant funded projects with colleges, universities, governmental agencies, local, state and national organizations.

     If your organization is interested in partnering on a grant funded project, please contact Director of Grants Acquisition Lane Harvey Brown.  

    Please note: Schools that receive partnership requests directly from universities or community nonprofit organizations should forward this information to the Grants Acquisition Office to comply with the review process.

    Community Nonprofit Organizations and Grants Including ELISS and 21st CCLC:

    Organizations need to provide the following information with partnership requests:

    1. Grant program information (RFP or NOFA, or a summary)
    2. Schools that organization requests to partner with and why selected
    3. Overview or executive summary of:
      • Services to be provided at each school
      • Any requirements on the school or district’s part
      • Any funding that would come to the school as a result of the grant
      • Data collection requirements
      • Letter of Support or other signature requirements
    4. The Grants Acquisition Office is responsible for reviewing the information, ensuring letters of support and other GCS required documents are completed, and connecting the nonprofit with GCS internal departments and schools as needed.
    5. The Grants Acquisition Office shares partnership requests through the Chief of Schools Office with the appropriate School Support Officer (SSO) assigned to a particular school.
    6. The SSO and school principal review the partnership proposal and determine alignment with other programs and activities currently in place in the school.
    7. SSO will communicate decisions to the Grants Acquisition Office, which is responsible for connecting the nonprofit and SSO directly to complete application requirements as needed.

     How Long Does the Process Take?

    We request that nonprofits allow 7-10 business days in their timelines for this process.

    University Grant Partnerships and Letters of Support Requests

    Guilford County Schools welcomes collaboration with colleges and universities on grant projects. Those seeking a signed letter of support should submit a cover letter and draft Letter of Support to the Office of Grants Acquisition at least 2 weeks prior to the requested delivery date. Questions and documents should be emailed to Lane Harvey Brown

    The cover letter should include:

    • Your organization’s name
    • Contact name
    • Contact email
    • Contact phone number
    • Your program name
    • Grant Name
    • Funding Agency/Source
    • Funding Opportunity URL
    • Total amount requested
    • Sub-award or value to Guilford County Schools
    • School district expectations and responsibilities
    • Project start and end date
    • Grant application submission deadline to the funder
    • Date the Letter of Support is needed
    • Department or Chief Officer to whom the request should be directed

    How Long Does the Process Take?

    We request that universities allow 10 business days in their timelines for this process.