Philosophy of Science

    Twenty-seventh anniversary edition?  That’s right, this year marks my twenty-seventh year teaching 8th grade here at Kiser.  I remember how excited I was that first year and I still have that excitement as this year starts. 


    I believe that everybody is born a capable and practicing scientist.  Therefore, I believe that your student became a scientist at birth.  Scientists gather information.  They experiment and then evaluate the results to try and better understand their subject. Your student has been doing this for years.  Remember when your child kept throwing their spoon on the floor and you kept picking it up?  Well, they were experimenting and you were their subject. 


    My primary goal is to make your student realize his or her potential to apply scientific thought and processes to their everyday life. In other words, to reawaken that scientist they were born to be.   A second goal is to help your student see the vast opportunities that are available to those with science and technology training and education.


    Supply List


    • 1 Three-ring notebook, 1 1/2 inch will work best.
    • Notebook Paper
    • Blue or Black Pens.
    • Box of Tissue at least one per student.
    • Set of Divider Tabs



    8th Grade Science is EOG Tested Class

    At the end of the year your student will take a Science EOG.  The test is comprehensive and is based on everything we do this year.  Students will be keeping notes and other materials throughout the year that will allow us to review in May.  If you see science notes being discarded, please remind your student that we might need these to prepare for the science EOG.


    Contact Information

    I believe in being available to answer student and parent questions.  The best way to reach me is through email but calling at school or home will also work. 

    email:  whitehr@gcsnc.com

    school: 336-370-8240, ext. 3201


    Ways I Communicate With Students and Parents


    Another way to get information about my class is to sign up for a free text service called Remind.  I will be sending out homework and assignment reminders to students and parents with this service.  You can have the text sent to your phone or email. Click  Remind to sign up.




    If you share with me your email, I will send an email each week updating you on the class and happenings in the school.  You can do this by emailing me here.

    Whiteheart Email Sign Up


    Phones & Computers

    Students love their phones and computers just like adults.  While these marvels of technology have value, they can also be extremely distracting for students.  Computers are for school work only.  Students may use their computer only when I ask them to do so.  Students who can not follow this rule will have their device taken during my class.  Phones are not allowed in any classroom at Kiser.  They will be kept in student lockers.  If your student has their phone in my classroom, it will be taken.  Kiser school wide policy will be followed at that point.


    Assignments & Grading

    Below is a summary of the types of assignments and how they will be reflected in your student’s grade.  You can get more detailed information from my website.  Your student will receive a paper copy of this information the first day of school.


    Types of Assignments and Value

    • Assessments 45%-Includes tests, quizzes and other selected assessments. Tests will be weighted more than quizzes. Probably 1-2 tests per quarter and five to eight quizzes.
    • Labs/Classwork 30%-Four to seven labs per quarter and ten classwork assignments.
    • Homework 15%-Ten to fifteen assignments per quarter.
    • Projects 10%-1-2 assignments per quarter.


Ed Whiteheart