• Attendance-

    If you are not here, you can't learn anything. Most of my students are seniors and I realize that you are already "adulting " in many ways. However, we have one more street to cross before you are on the adult road...graduating high school! You are almost there. Please make sure that you come to school every day so that you can say you finished strong.


    This is for all of my classes, but 1st Block this is definitely for you. When you come to school late, it disrupts the learning environment. We have quite a bit of material to cover and your class doesn't want to be the one that gets the lowest scores in the school. It's not a good look. 

    Cell Phones-

    I get it. Cell phones are life. I love my phone too. When I come to work, I put my phone on silent and leave it in my desk until classes transition. It keeps me on track and it helps me to focus on what I need to do in the moment which is teaching you. The same is true for you. Please don't make your phone the center of your class experiences this year. You truly miss out on so much! 

    Turning in Work- 

    Deadlines in life are important. I can guarantee you that if you use class time effectively, you will not have very much homework. There shouldn't be a reason to turn in work late. Besides, we all know that you probably won't do it at home anyway. Avoid the struggle-bus by getting work done when it is assigned.


    Although I am not opposed to food in the classroom; I am also not a big fan of it either. I understand a closed drink and a little snack if you have been going strong all day. I know many of you juggle classes at GTCC and don't get a good chance to eat. PLEASE- no big meals in class because it will create disruptions.

    Respect the Space-

    Do not leave a "carbon footprint" in my room. Make sure that trash is picked up and supplies are put away where you borrowed them from, including your workbooks. We are ALL old enough to not write on desks. Thanks in advance.

    Golden Rule-

    Respect begets respect. We are all going to be good to each other every day.