• Guilford County Schools

    Opportunity Culture

    Submission Guidelines

    Resume Submission Guidelines:

    Please make sure your resume reflects any of the following experiences you may have:

    • Effective teaching
    • Effective leadership
    • Effective teamwork
    • Effective support of teachers, students and/or classroom instruction (Reach Associate)

    Letter of Interest Submission Guidelines:

    Please provide a succinctly written letter of interest indicating why you desire to work in an Opportunity Culture school and why you believe you are a fit for the role to which you have applied. Include an explanation of how your past work or volunteer experiences relate to the position or to working in an Opportunity Culture school. 

    Data Submission Guidelines:

    As a required component of your application, you will need to provide at least one year of high-growth student data.  Multiple years of high-growth student data are strongly preferred.  If you have been a teacher leader with responsibility for supporting the teaching success of other teachers, please share subject-area, grade-level and/or school-wide data.  This data can include EVAAS™ (Education Value-Added Assessment System) data, or other appropriate data utilized by out-of-state school districts.  If data are not available for all years requested, please explain and provide alternative evidence of impact on students where possible (e.g., facilitators, non-assessed grade or subject).  Below are additional data submission guidelines. You are not limited to the list below.  

    Include a narrative description of your data for each year and a visual display of the data with clear labels. Please include the following in either the narrative or visual display:

    • Your name
    • School or department where you worked for each set of data you include
    • Timeframe for the data (e.g. 2014-15 school year)
    • Subjects and grades (e.g. 3rd grade mathematics) for the data
    • The number of other teachers led, if applicable
    • Data source (e.g. EOG/EOC tests, state proficiency exams, teacher-created assessments)
    • Baseline to which you are comparing your students to demonstrate how you are measuring your success
    • Student growth rates
    • A description of your specific contribution to the data outcomes
Additional Guidelines
  •  Helpful Hints for Applying:

    • Log in to existing application OR select “Start” to begin a new application.
      • If you have previously created an AppliTrack application, return to what you already have on file.
      • Don’t remember your password? Select “Forgot Password” and it will be e-mailed to you.
      • Don’t remember the e-mail address used? Call our HR office for assistance (336-370-8091).
    • Complete/Review the required fields and select ‘next page’ to move ahead to different pages of the application.
    • The application builds required fields based off the positions you are interested in being considered for.
    • To apply for an Opportunity Culture position select ‘Vacancy Desired’. Search under ‘In Category’ for either Licensed-Opportunity Culture or Classified-Opportunity Culture.
    • Available type of positions will appear. Place a check mark into the box for positions you would like to be considered for. Follow prompts to complete/review remaining pages of the application.
    • The application includes an assessment tool specific to this type of position. Feel free to select ‘Save as Draft’ if you need to come back later to complete your application. Please note once you complete each page of the assessment tool you cannot back up to previous pages.
    • Once you have completed all sections select ‘Finish and Submit’.

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