a few of our favorite things

6th Grade

  • Kirby Young, 6th Grade Language Arts

    Birthday: March 6th

    Classroom theme: N/A

    Hobbies: Hiking/camping, kayaking/paddle boarding

    Please no: Coffee cups

    I really need: Good pencils (Ticonderoga) and electric pencil sharpener

    Color: Blue

    Favorite teacher supply: Sticky notes

    Sweet snack: Chocolate

    Salty snack: Cashews or trail mix

    Drink: Coffee/green tea/water

    Restaurant: Lindley Park Filling Station, Lucky 32

    Place to Shop: REI, Great Outdoor Provision, Amazon

    Gift cards: REI, Great Outdoor, Amazon or the above restaurants


    Ashley Hughes, 6th Grade Science and Social Studies

    Birthday: April 30

    Classroom theme: red and black  

    Hobbies: reading, video games, puzzles

    Please no: candy

    Color: dark blue

    Favorite teacher supply: pencils and markers

    I really need: pencils and craft supplies

    Sweet snack: cookies

    Salty snack: any chips

    Drink: ginger ale

    Restaurant: Freeman's

    Place to Shop: Marshalls

    Things to collect: books, puzzles, Harry Potter stuff

    Gift cards: Reconsidered Goods, craft stores, Marshalls, Ed McKay’s


    Kiera Bruce, 6th Grade Math

    Birthday: July 13

    Classroom theme: multi-color  

    Hobbies: gym, reading, making blankets

    Please no: donuts, cupcakes, breakfast

    Color: blue or pink

    Favorite teacher supply: pens and sticky notes

    I really need: positive words

    Sweet snack: air head minis

    Salty snack: slim jims

    Drink: water

    Restaurant: any

    Place to Shop: Forever 21

    Gift cards: any






  • Claudja Dwight, CTE

    Birthday: June 29

    Hobbies: cheer and dance

    Color: salmon pink and apple green

    Favorite teacher supply: Lysol wipes

    Sweet snack: chocolate covered pretzels

    Salty snack: trail mix

    Drink: water

    Restaurant: Panera and Starbucks

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Chickfila


    Jessica Runtz, Latin

    Birthday: November 5

    Hobbies: creative writing, dungeons and dragons, reading

    Color: blue or yellow

    Favorite teacher supply: fun pens

    Sweet snack: peanut butter M&Ms

    Salty snack: pretzels

    Drink: coffee

    Restaurant: Melt, Panera, Red Robin

    Place to Shop: Target, Scuppernong Books

    Gift cards: Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Scuppernong Books


    Victoria Czenczek, Health and Physical Education

    Birthday: July 27

    Hobbies: being outdoors (hiking, camping, adventuring)

    Color: purple

    Sweet snack: sour watermelon

    Salty snack: chips

    Drink: coffee

    Restaurant: Panera and Starbucks

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Target, Amazon, VISA


    Mor Fine, Art

    Birthday: September 11

    Hobbies: cooking, traveling, reading

    Color: purple

    Favorite teacher supply: Sharpies

    Sweet snack: Godiva’s dark chocolate

    Salty snack: BBQ pringles

    Drink: coffee

    Restaurant: Domino’s, Chickfila

    Place to Shop: Target, Sephora

    Gift cards: Target, Amazon, Sephora

7th Grade

  • Michael Cacaci, 7th Grade Math

    Birthday: August 25

    Hobbies: golf, tennis

    Please no: candles

    Color: blue

    Favorite teacher supply: Sharpies

    Sweet snack: Twix

    Salty snack: Pringles, cashews

    Drink: Coke

    Restaurant: Chickfila and Hops

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Chickfila, Amazon, any restaurant


    Noren Bonner, 7th Grade ELA

    Birthday: February 6

    Hobbies: long walks, trivia, video games

    Please no: dogs

    Color: navy blue or red

    Favorite teacher supply: Tul brand pens

    Sweet snack: chocolate-covered pretzels

    Salty snack: white cheddar cheese

    Drink: La Croix, Coke Zero, cold brew

    Restaurant: Natty Green's

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Target, Amazon


    Beth Perdue, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

    Birthday: November 18

    Classroom theme: red, white, & blue

    Hobbies: gardening and reading

    Color: blue

    Sweet snack: York peppermint patties

    Salty snack: almonds

    Drink: diet cherry Dr. Pepper

    Restaurant: Celctic Fringe

    Place to Shop: Cattywampus, Barnes and Noble

    Gift cards: Amazon

8th Grade

  • Linsey McCarthy, 8th Grade Language Arts

    Birthday: December 22nd

    Classroom theme: red and black

    Hobbies: reading, puzzles

    Color: blues

    Favorite teacher supply: pens

    Sweet snack: chocolate caramel

    Salty snack: popcorn

    Drink: coffee

    Restaurant: Chickfila

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Target, Chickfila, Panera


    Tricia Shumaker, 8th Grade Math

    Birthday: May 28

    Hobbies: camping, reading

    Color: red

    Favorite teacher supply: tape

    Sweet snack: sour patch kids

    Salty snack: popcorn

    Drink: Diet Dr Pepper

    Restaurant: Phoenix Asain

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Amazon


    Rebecca Cox, 7th & 8th Grade Science

    Birthday: August 1

    Hobbies: reading, cooking, working out

    Please no: teacher decor

    Color: green and purple

    Favorite teacher supply: colored pens, markers, stikki clips

    Sweet snack: dark chocolate, cake, cookies

    Salty snack: nuts, pretzels, popcorn

    Drink: sparkling water, diet Dr. Pepper

    Restaurant: Flame Broiler, Barberitos, Panera

    Place to Shop: Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

    Gift cards: Target, Amazon, Walmart, Bath and Body Works


  • Kimberly Jones-Goods, Principal

    Birthday: October 4

    Hobbies: Reading, Photography

    Color: Royal Blue

    Sweet snack: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate

    Salty snack: Trail Mix, Popcorn

    Drink: Barq's Rootbeer, Ginger Ale

    Restaurant: Chickfila, Cava, Ghassan's, Chipotle

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Target, Starbucks, Amazon


    Shanda Hamm, Curriculum Facilitator 

    Birthday: April 28

    Hobbies: crafting, baking

    Color: purple, fuschia, teal

    Favorite teacher supply: nice pens (Tul), cute stationary

    Sweet snack: yogurt and granola, dark chocolate, dark chocolate almonds

    Salty snack: spicy nacho popcorners, shelled pistacios with sea salt, almonds

    Drink: Ginger Ale, flavored water, flavored lemonade or tea

    Restaurant: Cava, Romeo’s Vegan Burger 

    Place to Shop: Ross, TJ Maxx, Amazon

    Gift cards: TJ Maxx, Amazon, Cava, Bath and Body Works, Starbucks


    Rachel Burdick, Treasurer

    Birthday: August 28

    Hobbies: hiking, camping, kayaking, reading

    Color: purple

    Sweet snack: dark chocolate

    Salty snack: popcorn

    Drink: coffee

    Restaurant: Mexican 

    Place to Shop: Trader Joe’s

    Gift cards: Amazon


    Sonja Sloan, Counselor

    Birthday: July 30

    Hobbies: gardening

    Color: fuchsia

    Favorite teacher supply: journals

    Sweet snack: sugar cookies- Chessmen cookies

    Salty snack: almonds

    Drink: Starbucks Dragon Drink, lemonade

    Restaurant: Olive Garden, Chipotle

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Starbucks, Target


    Hannah Zamboni, Library Media Specialist

    Birthday: December 7

    Hobbies: reading, crafting, video games, board games

    Color: yellow, green

    Teacher supply: sticky notes and pens

    Sweet snack: dark chocolate

    Salty snack: pretzels, chips, Cheez Its

    Drink: Sprite, sparkling water, coffee

    Restaurant: Sarah's Kabobs, Chickfila, Hops, Juice shop

    Place to Shop: Target, Amazon, Trader Joe's

    Gift cards: any!


    Tanya Briones, Data Manager

    Birthday: September 29

    Hobbies: reading, hanging out with friends, Trivia, game nights

    Color: pink

    Teacher supply: pens

    Sweet snack: German chocolate cake, brownies

    Salty snack: walnuts, pecans, cashews

    Drink: Coke Zero, water

    Restaurant: Red Robin, Olive Garden, Red Lobster

    Place to Shop: Ross, JC Penny, Belk

    Gift cards: Chickfila, Red Robin, Ross, Belk, JC Penny


    Tyrus Thomas, Custodian

    Birthday: September 14th

    Hobbies: Fishing

    Color: Green

    Sweet snack: honey bun

    Drink: Coke

    Restaurants: Outback Steakhouse

    Place to Shop: TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross

    Gift cards: food and gas


    Gary Haith, Custodian

    Birthday: December 13

    Hobbies: football

    Color: Carolina blue

    Sweet snack: honey buns

    Drink: Mountain Dew

    Restaurant: East Coast Wings


    Cee Cee Cook, Social Worker

    Birthday: January 29

    Classroom theme: earth tones, quotes

    Hobbies: outdoor time, gardening, fashion, creating things

    Color: blue, lavender, mint, brown, earth tones

    Teacher supply: Sharpies, sticky notes, markers

    Sweet snack: Albanese Gummy worms, Haribo gummy bears, dark chocolate

    Salty snack: pretzels, pringles, almonds, cashews

    Drink: Ginger Ale, water

    Restaurant: Pho Hien Veong, Kin Thai Zabb

    Gift cards: any


    Tina Vincent, Cafeteria Manager

    Birthday: January 3

    Hobbies: camping, hiking, crafting

    Color: pink, purple, blue

    Teacher supply: post-its

    Sweet snack: chocolate-covered pretzels

    Salty snack: Lays plain potato chips

    Drink: Coke

    Place to Shop: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Ulta

    Gift cards: Starbucks, Chickfila, Amazon


    Kathy Weaver, Nurse

    Birthday: November 10

    Hobbies: reading, traveling, family time, my dog

    Color: red

    Teacher supply: band-aids, ice packs, Kleenex

    Sweet snack: Three Musketeers

    Salty snack: peanuts, pretzels

    Drink: Coke

    Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

    Place to Shop: Target

    Gift cards: Target, Kohl's


    Brittany Sutton, Cafeteria

    Birthday: January 29

    Hobbies: family, fishing, hunting

    Color: rainbow

    Teacher supply: pens, sheet covers, highlighters

    Sweet snack: hershey's chocolate, white chocolate

    Salty snack: any chips and jerkey

    Drink: Red Mountain dew, Pepsi

    Restaurant: any

    Place to shop: any

    Gift cards: Starbucks and Visa