Policies and Administrative Regulations

  • The Guilford County Board of Education is in the process of revising its policy manual to incorporate the Policies to Lead the Schools (PLS) system published by the North Carolina School Boards Association. It is anticipated that this revision process will take several years to complete. During the revision process, the Board will maintain two policy manuals. The Old Policy Manual will contain policies adopted prior to March 2018. The New Policy Manual contains policies adopted in March 2018 or later. As new policies are adopted and added to the New Policy Manual, the policies that are being replaced will be removed from the Old Policy Manual.

    Please note the search function only searches one manual at a time. If you select the link for the New Policy Manual and search for a keyword or phrase, only results found in the New Policy Manual will be returned. If you are having difficulty finding a policy, please ensure that you conduct the search in both manuals.

    If you have any questions or comments about the GCS Policies & Procedures, please send e-mail to: boardclerk@gcsnc.com.


    Guilford County Board of Education OLD Policy Manual

    Guilford County Board of Education NEW Policy Manual