Student in front of school bus

    GCS will provide transportation services for eligible students to and from their assigned stop location. It is important to maintain an accurate residence address for every student with the attending school.

    Bus Transportation for Choice Programs

    The Transportation Department will make a reasonable effort to provide transportation for students attending certain choice programs.  Transportation eligibility is based on the program's feeder pattern. 

    For more details on transportation services available to students attending choice programs, click here for Bus Transportation for GCS Choice Schools and Programs.    

    • Click here for more information on choice elementary feeder patterns or visit the Choice Programs webpage. 
    • Click here for more information on choice middle/high feeder patterns or visit the Choice Programs webpage.    

    Reassignment Requests

    If you have requested a reassignment for your child’s school, depending on the location of your home address and the school in which your child is assigned, you may not receive transportation services.

    *For example: You live in the Northeast district (McLeansville/Sedalia area) and want your child to go to Page High School.  In this case, transportation would not be provided.

    Non-Transport Zones

    Non-transport zones are also referred to as "walk zones".  In accordance with State law, GCS does not automatically provide transportation for students who live within 1.5 miles of their assigned school.  Local Board of Education policy allows the Transportation Department to establish non-transport zones within one and one half miles around a school based on walkability and cost factors.  Once established, the non-transport zone applies to all students within the designated area regardless of grade level.  For a list of schools with established non-transport zones, click here