• Communication is key for a healthy and successful school year.  We utilize many forms of communication to provide you easy access to our classrooms.  We are always available through e-mail (denneym@gcsnc.com and tesierm@gcsnc.com) and through our school line (336-992-6060).  Newsletters and calendars will come home each month to keep you updated on the happenings of our class.  We also use the Remind app and Instagram.  Be sure to sign up using the information below.

    Remind (app available)

    Denney Tesiero Team Updates:  text @dentes to 810

    Instagram (app available)

    Request to follow us @denney217

    *Send me an e-mail or message letting me know your Instagram name if it isn't obvious so I don't delete your request.  This is a private account so only family members will be given access.