• Middle School Mathematics Pathway Options for Grades 6-12

    Family Friendly FAQ

    This is a great place to start! This document gathers several frequently asked questions and discusses different options available for your student. It links out to the following two resources when appropriate.

    Secondary Math Pathways

    This spreadsheet shows a subset of possible pathways that start in 6th grade and go through the rest of a student's secondary experience. Its purpose is to communicate how decisions made about math courses in middle school affect options in high school.

    Math Placement Guidance

    This document lists the options for middle school math courses and the criteria for placement into these courses. All students are placed into the grade level course with options for advancing into accelerated courses based off of the criteria listed.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Bridge to Math 1

    This resource is helpful for current Accelerated 6 and AIMM students and families who want to take Math 1 in 7th Grade and have questions about the Bridge to Math 1 Summer Course.

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