Welcome to Spanish Class!

  • ¡Hola!  

    I am your Spanish teacher. I started teaching more than 25 years ago in my country, the Dominican Republic. Spanish is my first language and, just like you with Spanish classes, I studied English as a second language in high school. I struggle in my English conversations, like you probably will do with Spanish… so I will perfectly understand when that happens to you!

    That’s why, instead of having classes with bits of grammar rules and vocabulary, mine are going to be proficiency-based and comprehensible input driven, which means that  I will be using in class a combination of resources such as conversations, songs, games, readings, and activities to give you real life Spanish skills that will permit you learn and express comfortably in Spanish within your proficiency level.

    If  you participate actively in class and get involved in the process, you will be successful in this course, and increase your proficiency in the four basic skills of communication: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

    See you in class!

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