• Welcome to Mr. Clendinen’s 6th Grade Classes!

    Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies, 6th Grade Math, and 6th Grade AIMM with Mr. Clendinen. I am excited to begin our journey through History and Mathematics together. As a Social Studies group, we will study the history and themes of the world as it developed from the earliest human records until the momentous year 1453 AD. We will also explore how physical and human geography, economics, government, culture, and major events have shaped who we are as people, how people impact the world and each other. As students of Mathematics, we will learn more of the language, routines, and review procedures of Mathematics. The Math 6 class will cover the 6th Grade curriculum and take an end-of grade test (the EOG) in the Spring. The AIMM class is an advanced Math course, and we will learn the complete the 6th Grade curriculum and much of the 7th Grade curriculum. At the end of the course, scholars will have the opportunity to take a summer enrichment class and then enroll in Math 1 for the next school year. Scholars will take the 6th Grade Math EOG in the Spring. 

    Though you can call the school at 336.294.7325 (ext. 1632) to leave me a message, the best way to reach me is by my email address, clendic@gcsnc.com. Should you want quick access to your scholar’s grades, you can access this through the powerschool portal.

    I look forward to a remarkable year.


    Mr. Clendinen

    About Mr. Clendinen

    Mr. Clendinen was born in Tallahassee, FL and grew up near Orlando. He graduated from the Florida State University with a degree in History and from Reformed Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. He has completed additional classes in Educational Leadership and History.

    Today, Mr. Clendinen lives in Summerfield with his family.

    When Mr. Clendinen finishes teaching, grading papers, and making lesson plans, he enjoys spending time outdoors, watching vintage films, and making memories with his family. He also enjoys volunteering in the community.

Mr. Clendinen
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