• Daily Schedule:

    7:20 - 7:45           Arrival & Morning Work

    7:50 - 9:50           ELA

    9:50 - 11:20         Math

    11:20 - 11:45       Science/SS

    11:45 - 12:10       LUNCH

    12:20 - 12:50       Recess

    12:55 - 1:40         Specials

    1:45 - 2:30           Intervention/Enrichment

    2:30                     Dismissal



    We will have a working snack everyday during ELA time. Please send in a healthy snack for your child and remember to be mindful that we may have students with allergies in our class. I will share more details with you as I become aware of the specific allergies. Your child may also have a water bottle in the classroom but no juice or soda is allowed during snack.


    Classroom and School Rules:

    This school year, Southwest Elementary has adopted the PBIS Program as our Behavior Management System. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. This program encourages students to always perform at their BEST, in all areas of the school. I have included a brochure in your Open House Folder.


    Be Responsible

    Exercise Self-Control

    Show Respect

    Treat Others Kindly


    Classroom Behavior:

    We will be using Class Dojo in Room 302 this year. This is a communication tool where you, as the parents, can have more insight into your child's behavior, the types of interactions, and progress within the classroom on a daily basis. It also provides a way for you and I to communicate a little easier. Please be on the look out for more information, and instructions on how to sign up, in the Open House Folder.



    Your child can expect to receive a math and reading assignment every day except Fridays. Occasionally, there will be a vocabulary assignment and there might be a Science or Social Studies assignment, but this will more than likely be due to work not being completed in a timely manner. Students that are absent are expected to complete their missing work within 3 days of returning to school. I will have folders where the work will be collected in their absence, but it is their responsibility to make sure that they check those folders and understand the expectations of the assignment. They are always encouraged to ask for clarification and help if needed.


    Weekly Folders:

    Weekly Folders will be sent home each Monday. These are the yellow, school-issued folders, and will contain graded work from the previous week. Please go through this work with your child, empty the folder, sign anything that has been flagged, and send the folder back to school on Tuesday mornings. I will send out a regular email containing important notes and reminders about what we have covered and anything important that is coming up. In 4th Grade, classwork counts for 50%, tests/quizzes count for 40% and homework counts for 10%. I would encourage you to sign up for the Parent Portal with PowerSchool. This is a site where you can see your child's current grade for each assignment, as well as any missing assignments. All assignments, with each grade, are listed individually. Please let me or Kathy Acuff know if you have any trouble setting up your account. Parent Portal