Discrete Math for Computer Science

  • Welcome to Discrete Math for Computer Science. Guilford County has changed the curriculum for this course and it is more like a Precalculus course now. So, if you are not headed for a computer or technological field, this may not be the class for you.

    This course includes the following topics: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Matrices, Logic, Set Theory, Number Theory and Recursion.

    This page will contain most of the information you need for starting off the school year. Any additional information will be added per week under the calendar found on the home page in Canvas. After the first 3-weeks, a typical week will consist of two or three assignments, each of which will include Notes, Video (either teacher made or YouTube), and a Practice Set of problems. Live sessions will be posted on the calendar. The first 3-weeks will be review assignments, no big assignments, no graded assignments, and no assessments.

    Once assessments are allowed, expect a quiz or test every Friday on the notes, videos and practice problems given. The process used for asking/answering questions is through messaging in Canvas. I will give formal instruction on the live teaching days and times. From time to time I will answer common questions with a teacher made video and post on Canvas and tweet @eleanor_67. I also provide answers to quizzes and tests through the tweet. Please do not send messages through my tweet. All messages are received and answered through Canvas or my email

    The grading percentages for the class are as follows: Tests 40%, Quizzes 30% and all other assignments/practice problems 30%.

    *Your first assignment for the class will be to provide information found in the Canvas calendar for 8.17.20-- ‘Intro Assignment to Discrete Math for Computer Science 8.17.20’ as evidence that you are enrolled in the class and have access to a phone/laptop/tablet/desktop computer.

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