• Third Grade Units of Study – Beginning of Year



    This year students will be engaged in Eureka Math.  We will begin with Module 1: Properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with Units of 2-5 and 10.  Students will learn a variety of strategies to represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division.



    We will begin third grade science with a STEM focus.  Students will be learning from a variety of growth mindset books.  Our goal is to understand the relationships of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Students will learn the power of mistakes and the key elements of experimental learning. 


    Next, students will focus on Earth systems.  During this unit of study students will compare Earth’s saltwater and freshwater features (including oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, streams and glaciers) and compare Earth’s land features (including volcanoes, mountains, valleys, canyons, caverns, and islands).